High Precision PCB Design Solutions

- Aug 01, 2018-

In terms of production operation, excessive current, bad splint, empty clamping point, dissolving of dropped plate in the groove against the anode, etc. will also cause excessive current of some plate parts, producing copper powder, dropping into the tank liquid, and gradually causing copper particle failure.In material aspect, the content and distribution uniformity of p and cu are the main problems.In terms of production and maintenance, it is mainly large treatment. When copper Angle is added, it falls into the groove. When it is mainly large treatment, anode cleaning and anode bag cleaning are not well handled in many factories, and there are some hidden dangers.The large treatment of copper ball should clean the surface and use hydrogen peroxide water to slightly etch out the fresh copper surface. The anode bag should be soaked with hydrogen peroxide and alkaline solution successively and cleaned, especially the anode bag should use PP filter bag with a 5-10 micron gap.
Ordinary circuit board with single line and double line, commonly known as the single panel and double panel, high-end electronic products, however, because of product space design factors, in addition to the surface wiring, internal stack multilayer circuit, the process of production, making good lines, each layer through optical device positioning, pressing, let the superposition of multi-layer circuit in a piece of circuit board.Commonly known as multi - layer circuit board or multi - layer PCB circuit board.Any circuit board greater than or equal to 2 layers can be called multilayer circuit board.Multi - layer circuit board can be divided into, multi - layer hard circuit board, multi - layer hard and soft circuit board.

Before designing a multilayer PCB circuit board, the designer needs to determine the circuit board structure according to the size of the circuit board, the size of the circuit board and the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). That is, the designer should decide whether to use a 4-layer, 6-layer or multi-layer circuit board.After determining the number of layers, determine the position of the inner layer and how to distribute different signals on these layers.This is the choice of multilayer PCB layer structure.Laminated structure is an important factor affecting EMC performance of PCB board and an important means to restrain electromagnetic interference.