Heilitai Actively Layout LCP Antenna Business To Meet The 5G Era Is Expected To Mass Production Next Year

- Aug 17, 2018-

The entire supply chain of LCP antennas is currently relatively blank in the market, heilitai said on the interactive platform on August 16.According to the construction schedule of the company, it is expected to be mass produced next year.According to the speed at which the country pushes forward 5G, it is expected that 5G will be highlighted in domestic demand in the second half of next year, and 5G will explode in 2020.

It is understood that LCP soft board has a process similar to traditional PI soft board, and its industrial chain is composed of upstream raw material manufacturers, FCCL(flexible copper clad plate) suppliers, mid-stream soft board manufacturers, and downstream module manufacturers, and finally enters the terminal application market.

In the upstream of LCP soft plate, key raw materials include LCP resin/film, copper foil, etc., which are used to manufacture FCCL.In the middle reaches, soft board manufacturers use FCCL, other materials and production equipment to finish soft board processing under their technology.The downstream links are designed by module manufacturers according to the requirements of terminal customers, and LCP soft plates are further processed into modules with certain functions, such as antenna modules and camera modules.

As the antenna is at the core of high frequency and high speed application scenarios, LCP antenna is the first to benefit from the LCP soft plate trend.Its permeability is expected to continue to increase in the future.

Previously, in the annual board business review of 2017, heli tai mentioned that the company will actively lay out the field of LCP flexible circuit board and solve the strategic layout of LCP material technology through merger and integration.By the end of 2017, hollytech has started to import production of multi-layer LCP flexible lines, in order to realize the lightweight of high-speed transmission and intelligent terminal equipment in the 5G era, and to meet the demand of high-speed and high-frequency transmission for intelligent terminal products in the 5G era.