GPCA/SPCA HasPCB Development Tmanufacturing Technolog

- Jan 27, 2018-

Zhang Xinxue first of all, the applied materials co., LTD. General manager said that the annual change technology conference successfully held with the support of GPCA/SPCA, as the industry provides a discussion and exchange platform, as service-oriented businesses of electronic application materials, the news has been "take customer as teachers, further research and development, better serve the PCB enterprises.Address GPCA Sue new hong, deputy secretary general, said the needs of industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises jointly technology development direction, promote industry technology leapfrogging, GPCA/SPCA also organize more activities, constructing platform to promote cooperation between the enterprises.

What has happened to the past and future industries?Opening speech by the founder PCB Sue new hong, deputy director of the present situation and future development trend of PCB, Sue the world in 2015 are reviewed and the general overall situation of China PCB industry, and in view of the PCB industry development road map, together with the present situation of enterprise put forward a lot of wonderful views, in particular, he pointed out that the development speed is greatly advanced technology, roadmap forecast a couple of years to reach the fine line, at present has been realized, and a variety of production mode also gradually be verified, the PCB enterprises put forward higher requirements and challenges;As for the market end, the general manager of jiangsu has pointed out that the PCB used in automotive electronics has considerable opportunities, such as the promotion and application of charging piles, and the demand for thick copper plates is growing rapidly.The high frequency high speed PCB will become the focus and popularization of the product, the direction of the thin line cannot be questioned.

Liu shan, from the TQC of huawei technologies co., LTD., put forward the idea of "using automated intelligent casting high quality PCB".For future communication technology and the demand of the intelligent mobile terminal, huawei has high frequency high speed transmission layout in advance, in terms of manufacturing will also gradually through the industrial chain, and integrating upstream and downstream, strain, which requires the supply chain in a timely manner to meet the needs of customers, such as change manufacturing process technology, application of intelligent automation way of producing high precision high reliability products.Liu high also specifically by qr code implementation of PCB traceability management way, this means that the application of large data under the management of the industrial chain, will continue to improve the reaction speed, realize the IT management.

In the second half, professor dou weiping, from the department of chemical engineering of chung hsing university in Taiwan, led to the "blind hole of PCB connecting PCB with electroplated copper".Qiu wenyu, deputy general manager of the research center of chemical communication applied materials co., LTD., explained the reliability of PCB high density interconnection blind hole trust - cavity and micro-crack.Dr. Xu zhanjia from li changrong chemical and electronic chemical research center brought new technology of horizontal chemical copper technology - new ion palladium.The technical expert USES picture and text to explain, for PCB wet process electroplating, fill copper and related defect and problem point and so on many aspects deep into shallow;In the language of popular life, parsing obscure chemical theory and principles of new technology, combined with the actual phenomena and difficulties in PCB manufacturing, is a rare technical feast, believe that the participants will benefit