Global Market Share Distribution Of Taiwan PCB Industry In 2018

- Aug 28, 2018-

According to Prismark, a consultancy, Taiwan's PCB industry accounted for about 30% of the world's market in 2012, up from 24% in Japan and 14% in South Korea, and 32% in other countries. 

In terms of product differentiation, Taiwan's IC board accounts for about 31% of the global market, South Korea accounts for 24%, Japan accounts for 43%, and the rest only accounts for 2%.Taiwan high density connection board (HDI) market share is 33%, South Korea 17%, Japan 23%, others 28%.The global market share of Taiwan soft board (FPC) is 20 per cent, South Korea 23 per cent, Japan 37 per cent and the rest 20 per cent.Among the mature traditional consumption board and multi-layer board, Taiwan accounted for 32% of the global market, South Korea accounted for 7%, Japan accounted for 14%, and the rest accounted for 47%. 

To sum up, Japan and South Korea still occupy dominant position in high-order IC boards and soft boards. In recent years, Taiwan plants have made substantial investment in technology to actively catch up with their rivals.