Global LED Stage Illumination Market 2018

- Aug 14, 2018-

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Mouser Electronics gives overview on LEDs

The advent of LED lighting in the past few years has now matured to the point where sweeping changes exist in the way we think about illumination. LED lighting was once the darling of scientists and "early adopters" but has now gone "mainstream". The technology promises a virtual end to skyrocketing electric bills, the cold glow of fluorescent bulbs, and a life expectancy that will make changing a light bulb so infrequent that we may require instructions on how to do it properly! But does LED lighting actually deliver on these promises?

On a tour of a recently renovated industrial space earlier this year, the host was detailing some of the features of the LED light fixtures that were providing general lighting to the factory floor. His statement was something on the order of "They are really good lights - and they have a seven year warranty!" There was not a hint of doubt in his voice, but then he's not on the hook for repair/replacement costs if the lights don't actually last that long. If those LED lights fail early - well, that's somebody else's problem - unless it was your employer that sold the LED lighting fixture, then maybe that "somebody else" is you!

Let's look at five LED lighting applications with large markets and discuss the threats to the lighting system as well as the various circuit protection strategies that can be deployed to "harden" the design for maximum reliability.

The primary focus will be to invest in circuit protection where there is value. Of course, the safety rating agencies (UL, ETL, etc.) will demand the minimum of fire protection and personnel safety measures. The real goal of this article is to cost effectively extend the useful life of the protected equipment (an issue not addressed by the safety folks). Value goes beyond just the retail value of the light fixture (although that is surely a factor) and includes valuable function (where failure may put people or other equipment in danger), difficult access (where repair or replacement access costs may be an order of magnitude larger than the equipment cost), or equipment sold into markets where reliability is a point of competition between vendors.