Frequency Board Requirements

- Jan 27, 2018-

I. Introduction

Second, as science and technology, especially information technology continues to evolve, PCB production process technology appropriate to mention

High in order to meet the needs of different users. In recent years, communications, automotive and other areas are developing very rapidly, to India

System board needs some changes, high power PCB, high frequency microwave board increased demand. PCB

Many CEOs manufacturers are optimistic about the growth, but how to do high-frequency microwave boards, companies must practice

Good strength. I already own the problems encountered in the production of shallow high-frequency microwave board production above precautions.

Second, the basic requirements for high frequency microwave board

1, the substrate

Telecommunications engineers in the design has been based on the actual impedance needs, choose a designated referral

Dielectric constant, dielectric thickness, foil thickness, therefore, accept orders, you should carefully check, be sure to meet

Design requirements.

2, the transmission line making precision high-frequency signal transmission, the characteristic impedance of the printed conductors requires ten

Of strict, that the production of precision transmission line is generally ± 0.02mm (± 0.01mm

Accuracy of the input transmission line is also very common), the edge of the transmission line to be very neat, tiny burrs, nicks are not allowed to produce.

3, the coating requirements

High-frequency microwave plate transmission line characteristic impedance directly affect the microwave signal transmission quality. The characteristic impedance of the size of the thickness of copper foil

Have a certain relationship, especially for microwave hole metal plate, coating thickness affects not only the total thickness of copper foil, but also affect the erosion carved room

After the accuracy of the wire, therefore, the coating thickness and uniformity of size, to be strictly controlled.

4, machining requirements

First, high-frequency microwave PCB board material and epoxy glass cloth material machining have very different; then the high frequency microwave

PCB board processing accuracy requirements much higher than the general shape tolerance of ± 0.1mm (high accuracy is typically ± 0.05mm or

0 ~-0.1mm).

5, the characteristic impedance requirement