FPC Introduction

- Jan 27, 2018-

Brief introduction
In all of the substrate is made of a flexible printed circuit board with small size and light weight do 3D stereo assembly and excellent dynamic deflections.
(2) Basic Materials
Copper substrate
COPPER CLAD LAMINATE + glue + copper foil substrate combination that is also non-adhesive backing foil + base only in the current application of their higher prices on less
Unless specific needs. 2.1.1 Copper Foil Copper Foil in the material is divided calendered (ROLLED ANNEALCopper Foil and copper (ELECTRO
DEPOSITED Copper Foil) two kinds of rolled copper on the characteristics of the mechanical properties is better with scratch off most of the requirements are made of rolled copper
Thickness is divided 1/2oz (0.7mil) 1oz 2oz, three are generally used 1oz.
2.1.2 Substrate Substrate in the material is divided PI (Polymide) Film and PET (Polyester) Pilm two kinds of PI's higher prices but its flame

PET of lower prices, but not better so if the welding heat demand in most of the material thickness are ed PI 1mil 2mil is divided two kinds. 2.1.3 Glue