Foxconn Has Sent A Delegation To Egypt, Where It Wants To Invest In Factories

- Aug 28, 2018-

According to foreign media reports, foxconn announced last year that it would invest $10 billion to build a LCD panel factory in the United States, and now it wants to invest in Egypt.

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Foxconn sent a delegation to Egypt last week in anticipation of investment

Foreign media reports indicated that foxconn vice President wei-shin Chang had led a delegation to Egypt last Thursday, which was met by Egyptian minister of industry and trade Tarek Kabil.

In an interview with a delegation from foxconn, the two sides reportedly discussed plans to build a new electronics component factory in Egypt, with plans to sell the electronics to big companies around the world.

In a statement, Egyptian minister of industry and trade tariq kabir said foxconn's plans for Egypt are in line with its strategy of upgrading industrial manufacturing and expanding the country's electronics industry, turning it into a hub for electronics production and exports, serving markets in the Middle East and Africa.