Four Development Trends In The Future Of Automobile Industry & Rapid Rise Of Automobile PCB Industry

- Sep 01, 2018-

With the development of automobile technology and the concentration of user preferences, China's automobile industry chain and products will face major challenges and changes in the next 30 years. It is expected that China's automobile industry will present the following development trends in the future.Let's take a look at four future trends in the auto industry.

First, vehicle power -- electrification

It is predicted that with the improvement of technology in the future, the efficiency of battery use and environmental protection will become the main development direction of new energy electric vehicles.


By 2050, the first tier cities around the city will no longer have conventional fuel vehicles, but will instead have new energy electric vehicles with clean energy and zero emissions.

By 2050, in order to ensure the smooth operation of electric cars, all the places of public parking vehicles such as streets and parking lots will be equipped with wireless charging facilities, and the expressway will become a big channel covered by wireless charging along the road.

Second, the vehicle form - light, intelligent, environmental protection

Lightweight: the direction of the development of electric vehicle technology. By 2050, with the further breakthrough and development of technology and new materials, the "material used" of the car will ensure the strength of the car body while the weight of the car body will be lighter.

Onboard intelligent: from ADAS(advanced driving assistance system) to unmanned.

Environmental protection: the body material can be recycled.

Third, car use -- sharing

Nowadays, the emergence of didi, Uber and others has greatly stimulated the transformation of China's automobile operation end, where cars can be Shared for less and carry more people while saving urban traffic.After 3 or 5 years, with the further update of technology, the vehicle is built on the basis of Internet positioning of the vehicle, and car sharing will become the main form of people's car use life.

Fourth, automobile industry -- highly centralized

With the innovation and development of auto technology, predicts 2050, the industry structure will also usher in the great change, the design of the automobile research and development, manufacture, operation and other links will be new and of a few highly concentrated in large groups, and the new group will integrate resources, applying new thinking through each port of the auto industry, auto industry system changes.

The auto PCB industry rose rapidly

Autonomous driving and new energy vehicles are booming market, driving leading car PCB manufacturers full orders.At the same time, due to the strict review of automobile industrial chain, the requirements for stability are higher, so the gross profit rate of automobile electronics is higher than that of consumer electronics, which drives the profitability of automobile PCB manufacturers.


Autonomous driving and new energy vehicles have led to significant increases in vehicle PCB usage

With the gradual transition of traditional cars to autonomous driving through ADAS and the promotion of new energy vehicles, the penetration rate of automobile electronics has been continuously improved, and the use of automobile PCB has become more and more extensive.IT is predicted that in the future, with the maturity and popularization of technology, the level of automobile IT will be improved and various functions will be more and more abundant and practical, and the high-end model will be continuously permeated to the middle and low end.

Millimeter wave radar has created a huge demand for high-frequency PCB in cars

At present, automobile millimeter wave radar is in rapid development. It is expected that the average number of single-vehicle millimeter wave radar will continue to grow in the future, and the demand for automobile radar PCB will also grow rapidly.Moreover, the high frequency radar circuit has higher requirements on PCB plate and manufacturing process.Therefore, automobile radar PCB will bring higher value.

New energy vehicle power battery BMS

As one of the BMS hardware foundation PCB components, its industry development will also benefit from it.At the present stage, the PCB usage area of luxury cars is about 2-3 square meters. It is conservatively assumed that the PCB usage amount of new energy cars is 2 square meters, which is calculated at 2000 yuan per square meter. In 2020, the global PCB market of new energy cars will reach 16.4 billion yuan.

Vehicle PCB access door is high, leading manufacturers have a huge advantage

Due to the special working environment, safety and large current of the automobile, the reliability and environmental adaptability of the PCB are very strict.According to the introduction of huang weijin, chairman of jingpeng industry, zero defect rate is the basic requirement of international large factories to suppliers, which also decides whether it can enter the PCB field of vehicle.Because of high barriers to entry for vehicle PCB, car manufacturers generally do not change certified suppliers at will.Therefore, once manufacturers can successfully enter the supply chain of large international factories, they will not only bring long-term stable orders to the company, but also bring relatively expanded growth space for the company's operation due to its high industrial characteristics.So, the head start advantage of leading enterprise is very apparent.