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- Jul 26, 2018-


Development Status Of PCB Fabrication Technology

Almost all electronic products need to use the circuit board, the circuit board is fixed, the connection, the electronic components of insulation, flame-retardant board. Make the connection of components faster and neater. Easy mass production and maintenance, increase the reliability of electrical appliances. is one of the components of electronic appliances. The circuit board makes the circuit miniature and intuitive, which plays an important role in the mass production and optimization of the fixed circuit.
The research on the automatic testing system of printed circuit board in China began in the middle of the early 90.
At present, the research institutes engaged in this field are comparatively few, and because of the influence of various factors, the research on the automatic optical inspection system of PCB defects also stays at a relatively early level. Because of the foreign printed circuit board automatic testing system price is too expensive, and the domestic has not developed a real sense of the printed circuit board automatic testing equipment, so most of the domestic circuit board manufacturers or using a magnifying glass or projector to check the side of the method.
Because the labor intensity is large, the eye is easy to produce fatigue, the leakage rate is very high.

Technical capability & support

Sunthone aims to be the leading PCB manufacturer, and provide quality PCB products for electronic industry.

Layers1-16 layersMin Board Thickness(2-layer)0.2mmMax Board Size635 × 1100mmMin Board Thickness(4-layer)0.6mmMin Board Size20 × 30mmMin Inner-layer Thickness0.1mmMin Trace0.1mmMin Annular Ring0.1mmMin Space0.1mmMin Hole Location Tolerance±0.075mmMin Hole Size0.2mmMin Hole Size Tolerance±0.05mmBoard Wrap≤ 1°Min Outer Dimension Tolerance±0.1mmSolder MaskGreen, Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, WhiteSurface FinishHAL, HASL, Immersion Gold, Immersion Silver, Plating Gold, Plating Nickel, Plating Silver, Gold Finger, OSPBoard MaterialFR-4, High Tg FR-4, Halogen Free FR-4, Thick Copper FR-4, Aluminium Based, Rogers, TaconicAcceptable fileGerber file(RS-274-X or RS-274-D with aperture list and drill files),Protel,PADS,POWERPCB,AutoCAD,ORCADCAM softwareGenesis, CAM350

Service for productoion

FOUND employs and develops a team of experienced management directors and efficient production workers, with its sustainable development, career planning, advanced training-system and satisfactory welfare for all staff. On the other hand, FOUND strives to improve quality and lead time through management and technology innovation.
Standard leatime
Double sides4WD4 layers5WD6 layers6WD8 layers7WD10 layers8WD12 layers8WD14 layers9WDMore than 16 layersUp to difficulty

Competitive Price
FOUND puts many PCB prototype and sample jobs on one panel, and produces them together. And our experienced management team keep the management and production cost under controlled. These advantages provide enough profits to Sunthone, as well as greatly reduce customer's purchase cost.

FOUND works with customers to reduce their purchase cost, by our rich experience in management and manufacture, maximized utilization of materials and facilities, and well-trained operational workers. Sunthone's price can be as low as 20% only of some other competitors on some cases.
Management InnovationRaw Material Utilization RateFacilities Utilization RateLabor EfficiencyFOUND100%100%95%Competitors50%30%50%ValuesMaximized raw material utilization reduces the material cost greatly, and enables Sunthone to use better raw materials.Maximized facilities utilization improves Sunthone's production efficiency and shorten the lead time.High labor efficiency reduces labor cost, and enables Sunthone to provide better training and welfare for the workers.Customer BenefitsBetter quality with better raw materials.Saves valuable time and money for customer.Well trained and efficient worker improves quality and lead time.

Others service can be provided
Quick response, FOUND will reply Customer's any enquiry within 2 hours;
More than 180 type of PCB can be worked out Every day;
24 hours technique Support;
24 hours Engineering Gerber files treatment.
24 hours English Engineering Questions Confirmation by E-mail.
Experienced Impedance Designer.
Supply the best project fit for production customized