Focus On PCB Industry Compound Growth Rate Of Around 15%

- Nov 03, 2018-

There is an industrial zone next to the dikeng reservoir in shenzhen's guangming new district, and the "hidden champions" of a subdivided industry are likely to reside in buildings that do not show much.Shenzhen liuxin industrial co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "liuxin"), which is engaged in the industry of PCB drill cover and gasket, is such an enterprise.

Founded in the 1990s, the company was the first in China to specialize in supporting materials for PCB drilling.From trade to production to independent research and development, liu xin has experienced a wave of explosive growth in recent years.At the end of 2015, liu xin was officially listed on the new third board.This is domestic PCB drill cap plate industry is still the first case, also blowing liu xin into the capital market horn.

The growth rate is three times that of the peers

PCB is an important electronic part. Drilling refers to the process of making holes by using a drill bit on the PCB substrate, while the cover plate guarantees the quality of the board drilling.

In the 1980s, electronic products began to enter the mainland Chinese market on a large scale.PCB is applied in computer, mobile phone, automobile, aerospace, medical and other fields.

It is understood that the localization of PCB industry has reached 90%.Chen zhanjun, deputy general manager of liu xin, told reporters that there is a market of about 3 billion yuan in mainland China, and domestic counterparts do more simple processing and trade, with few exports, and there are not many enterprises with r&d and manufacturing capacity.

As the earliest enterprise specializing in the operation of auxiliary materials for PCB drilling in China, liuxin is the first enterprise in China with a complete chain of r & d, production and sales of drill cover and pad.After 2000, liu xin accelerated its layout in the four major PCB markets in south China, east China, north China and central China. At present, it has set up production and research bases in kunshan and hunan, and its products are exported to nearly 30 countries and regions such as Europe, America, South Korea, Japan and China Taiwan.

As a link in the industry chain of PCB, liu xin's growth rate is far higher than the development speed of the whole industry, about three times of the growth speed of PCB industry.Over the past five years, the compound growth rate of liu xin has been kept around 15%.Now, liu xin has become the "invisible champion" in the market segment of cover plate, with annual sales of nearly 400 million yuan, accounting for about 12% of the mainland market.Liu xin's share of foreign market sales accounted for 20% of the company's total sales, in the context of weak foreign trade exports to achieve the inverse market, this year is expected to be about 25%.

In those days, there were few enterprises with liu xin.Why can liu xin in the brutal market competition in a blood road?

Chen concludes: "one is to figure out where to take the company and what is its vision?We hope to be an internationally renowned PCB enterprise, diving into this industry, do not diversify.Second, we should persist and take the initiative to understand customer needs and market trends and constantly adapt to the external environment.

From imitation to independent innovation

It can be seen from the analysis of liu xin's growth path that the period from 2008 to 2010 was a period of rapid growth and the market began to blowout in 2012, which is also consistent with liu xin's research and development path.From trade to OEM to independent research and development, liu xin has followed a path from imitation to innovation.

Chen said that in 2003, when liu xin began to enter the production field, it was more like foreign counterparts."Imitation innovation is certainly cheaper and more cost-effective.But by 2007, it felt like everyone was competing in a homogenous way.Homogenization competition is getting fiercer and fiercer, the market space is small, always follow behind others, not only be in a hurry, profit space also is shrinking ceaselessly.Independent innovation is imperative."

In prosperity think of adversity.Liu xin began to set up a research and development center in 2007, the transition is effective, the market soon has been tested.In the previous 10 years, liu xin's annual sales did not exceed 150 million yuan.After the establishment of the research and development center, after three years of accumulation, the market began to boom in 2012, and now liu xin's annual sales are close to 400 million yuan."At this time, we have more confidence and confidence, so in yantai also established a research and development production base."Chen said.

Luo xiaoyang is director of liuxin engineering technology research center. He witnessed and participated in the establishment and development of the research center.Now, liu xin's technology research and development center has more than 50 researchers, basically from the chemical industry, electronics industry.In addition to attracting industry talents from international enterprises, liu xin cultivates its own researchers, strengthens projects and basic technology cooperation with universities, and introduces well-known industry experts to become enterprise technology consultants, luo said."It should be said that our independent research and development process focuses on all aspects."

Every year, Mr Liu spends between 3 and 3.3 per cent of his sales on research and development.In 2008, only one patent was filed in the whole company.At present, liu xin has 85 patent applications, including 53 invention patents, 32 practical new patents, and one each from Japan and the United States.Liu xin has also become the PCB drilling cover, pad industry standards set units.

"In recent years, with the rapid rise of consumer goods such as automobiles and intelligent terminals, the demand and demand for circuit boards have increased. For our market segment, which relies on the PCB industry, there are great opportunities for the whole downstream application market, and the scale will continue to grow in the future.Only when the product ADAPTS to the requirements of personalized customization, can it gain the opportunity to develop.Chen said companies have been able to take root in shenzhen for 20 years precisely because it has a good innovation and talent environment and is a "" small government and big market" ".

He said the headquarters of research and development will remain in shenzhen, but with the rapid increase in housing prices and other living costs in shenzhen, there is great concern about how to retain talent.After the listing on the new third board, liu xin solved the problem of enterprise financing. "now with the expansion of production capacity, the bottleneck of liu xin's development is land use".