Flexible Circuit Digital Printing Of Conductive Ink Technology

- Aug 04, 2018-

Conductive material digital printing is a flexible method to produce flexible and rigid PCB without providing expensive processing procedure in advance.Non-repeatable processing has resulted in a significant reduction in low production costs and turnaround times and has provided alternatives to the more labour-intensive processes traditionally used in PCB production.
Traditionally, PCB production has been a labor-intensive process with many steps and each step requires some human intervention.Traditional PCB production also relies on the initial cost of front-end non-repeatable engineering (NRE).It is usually in the form of production tools such as photomask or screen.This indicates that the initial processing cost will have a serious impact on the operation of small batch production, and the related labor and infrastructure cost will determine the mass production cost.As a result, high-volume PCB production has to be moved to lower-cost countries to reduce costs.
The ease with which small production operations are often required keeps production locations relatively local.But processing and labor costs still suggest it is an expensive process, with relatively high unit component costs per unit of low production.Conductive material digital printing provides the possibility for a non-labour-intensive production process that also reduces costs by eliminating the need for initial processing tools such as silk screens or photomask.
Conductive material digital deposition
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