Flex Edition

- Jan 27, 2018-

Past, hard board is connected to two soft board and the connector to make between each link. In order to raise the hard board and connection reliability between the soft board can now be directly on the printed circuit board (PCB) production plant will flex between the two rigid plates, dispense subsequent processes to make the link, this product is termed for the rigid-flex, whether soft or hard board manufacturers board manufacturers, is now available supply Flex PCB. In light of the demand for end products under the FPC and rigid-flex areas of application will be becoming more broad.

High-end features smart phone market is still rigid-flex development of the main driving forces. Given the functional requirements of more powerful, such as word processing, email, and other digital cameras pixel upgrade, the phone Flex PCB applications increase, the static and dynamic rigid-flex PCB design can be used in the future as digital TV , micro projector, map features enhanced phone features such as multiple, Rigid-Flex PCB is bound to the machine, modular applications.