FIFA Preview-AOTO LED Display Shining At RUSSIA 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup

- Aug 04, 2018-

The first round semi-final FIFA Confederations Cup ended on June 29th Beijing time and Chile finally defeated Portugal in penalty shootout and marched into the Final. Another semi-final will be held on June 30th, let us wait to see who will meet with Chile later in Final.

The 8th FIFA Confederations Cup (RUSSIA 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup) is regarded as an outpost of the world cup. The march will be held at four different stadiums in Russia, including Moscow, Kazan city, Sochi city and Saint Petersburg. AOTO LED perimeter system will witness and enjoy the big feast with football player and football fans from June 17th to July 2nd, 2017.

The screen AOTO provided for FIFA Confederations Cup belong to SP series products, compliant with FIFA/UEFA standard. It is the first 360 degree protection products for stadium perimeter in the world.  It is featured with 20bit processing depth showing superb image, high contrast ratio and 16,000hz refresh rate, wider viewing angle, and is widely accepted by numerous world class events such as football, basketball, and hockey match etc.

AOTO SP with special masker at the front side and top side, special support standing frame at the back side to protect both football player and led display from hurt; IP65 module is special for adverse climate; Double backup of power and data ensures not-stop running of led display, help users to reduce operation and maintenance cost; unique black masker enhance high contrast to catch people’s eyes, maximum promoting brand value and presenting AD information

Till now, AOTO SP products have been widely used for world’s top sport events in football, basketball, volleyball, Marathon, bicycle, tennis, golf competition and got plenty of successful experience. In the future, AOTO, together with AOTO sports, will provide better products and service for vitalizing sports business.