Electronics Industry Monthly Report: Focus On 5G Investment Opportunities For Mobile Phones And PCB

- Sep 15, 2018-

At the "5G network innovation seminar 2018" recently, general engineer kong li of the China academy of networking technology said that unicom has started 5G experiments in 16 cities, and will carry out application demonstration and trial commercial application in 2019, which is planned to be officially commercial in 2020.The development of 5G will promote millimeter wave, MIMO and other technologies to a large scale. The number of antennas in mobile phones will increase and the size will be smaller. Glass and ceramic materials will be applied to the back cover of mobile phones, and metal is still the main frame of mobile phones.In addition, the number of layers and quality of PCB used in base stations and mobile phones also improved.It is recommended to pay attention to related subjects benefiting from 5G new technology, including lens technology, sanhuan group, changying precision, xinwei communication, shennan electric circuit, etc.Consumer electronics section after A shares bad has basic response to early to fully, the current section to the low level of valuation, margin of safety is higher, stacked apples also released in September to manufacturers supply chain stock pull and 5 g commercial trials expected in 2019, suggested layout depth to participate in the innovation model of supply chain vendors, related target: dispatch of the Philippines: laser technology, and precision, etc.

Market performanceThe chuancai information technology index fell 0.44 per cent this month, the Shanghai composite index fell 5.25 per cent to 2,725.25 and the electronics index fell 7.73 per cent to 2,519.96.The top three stocks for the month were Shanghai electric power co., xinyisheng and tianfu telecom, up 40.44 percent, 33.45 percent and 21.85 percent, respectively.Among the stocks in the top three were chunxing seiko, snow Wright and metrotech, which fell 32.16 percent, 30.37 percent and 29.14 percent, respectively.

Price tracking

The price of dynamic memory DRAM (4Gb 512Mx8) was basically stable this month, falling slightly to $3.13 per tablet from $3.22 at the beginning of the month.The price of Flash memory NAND Flash (64Gb 8Gx8) fell slightly to $3.11 per chip from $3.30 at the start of the month.

Industry dynamic

Global chip sales rose 20.5 per cent to $11.9bn in the second quarter, up 6 per cent month-on-month, according to SIA.Sales in June were up 20.5% from a year earlier to $39.3 billion.China led the way in June, with sales up more than 30.7% from a year earlier.The americas followed, up 26.7 percent year on year.(sina technologies)

The company announcement

Chaohua technology (002288) : the company issued the semi-annual report for 2018, and the company achieved business revenue of 711 million yuan in the first half of 2018, up 13.50% year-on-year;The net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 3,594,140,000 yuan, up 15.48% year-on-year.