Electronics Industry: Cloud Computing And 5G Base Stations Become New Drivers Of PCB Demand

- Aug 28, 2018-

In terms of cloud computing, we have entered an era of data explosion, and the demand for cloud computing is increasing. According to Cisco data, the IP traffic of global data center will reach 20.6ZB in 2021, and the compound growth rate will reach 25% in 16-21 years.Accordingly, the number of ultra-large data centers will see rapid growth, and the proportion of the entire data center will continue to increase. In 2017, there are 386 ultra-large data centers in the world, accounting for 32%, and in 2021, there will be 628, accounting for 53%.The capital expenditure of companies providing cloud computing and cloud services around the world can also be verified. In 2017, the global capital expenditure on cloud data centers was $41 billion, and in 2021, it will reach $108 billion, up 2.6 times year-on-year.The construction of large-scale data center will increase the amount of server PCB. As the data center has large load capacity and fast transmission speed, it has high requirements on the number of layers and materials of PCB, which will significantly drive the demand of high-end communication board.

In terms of 5G base station construction,5G is advancing rapidly, and we expect 5G spectrum to be announced in September.For the pull of communication board demand, on the one hand,5G base station will be improved compared with 4G, especially for covering blind spot area, a lot of micro base stations will be equipped, so the demand of communication PCB board will be significantly pulled.On the other hand, due to the characteristics of high-speed and high-frequency 5G, the value of communication board will also be greatly improved in terms of a single base station.Take the antenna as an example. Currently, there are no more than 8 antenna array units for 4G. 5G adopts large-scale antenna array technology, and the array units will reach 128 or more.Because 5G channels are more numerous, the area and number of layers per piece of PCB will also increase, from 15 square centimeters to 35 square centimeters in size.The number of layers has been upgraded from double-panel to 12-panel.High-speed and high-frequency materials should be used for the base material, with 4G unit price around 2,000 yuan per square meter and 5G around 5,000 yuan per square meter.Finally, we calculated that the PCB value of a single 5G base station is more than twice that of 4G