Electronic Equipment, Instruments And Components Industry: Third Quarter Performance Has Been Consistently Recommended PCB Sector

- Nov 17, 2018-

Market review: electronics index down, Shelley for the week leading up stocks.A shares index rose this week, the electronics index rose.Electronic (all) rose 1.17%, or less than the benchmark Shanghai composite index (1.90%), 300 (1.23%), the csi is greater than the small and medium-sized plate (0.36%), the gem index (1.06%).Snow Wright (33.9%), lehman shares (15.4%) for this week led a rally in stocks, but laser (12.6%), Yang jie technology (10.7%) led by electronic stocks. 

Industry valuations: electronics index valuations are at historically low levels.This week the price/earnings ratio (TTM) of the Shanghai composite index was 11.63x, close to its all-time low of 8.91x.The shenwan electronics index's price-to-earnings ratio (TTM) is 24.22x, near an all-time low of 22.4x.Points plate, semiconductor and other electronic Ⅱ, components Ⅱ valuation, optical photoelectron, electronics manufacturing Ⅱ plate were 41.45 x, 24.82 x, 29.87 x, 19.21 x and 24.44 x. 

Important data tracking: TV panel prices fell in October.Prices are $52, $80, $90 and $154 for 40-inch, 43-inch and 55-inch panels, respectively.They were down $4, $1, $1 and $3 from the previous month. 

Company announcement: shennan electric power co., LTD., xingsen technology co., LTD., hongli zhihui co., LTD., chongda technology co., LTD. 

Industry dynamics: the 4R curvature folding screen is expected to be available next year;Samsung's world first single 256GB memory,36 chips;Huawei's share of smartphone Q3 sales in China, at 28.6 percent, fell to no.6. 

Investment advice: last week, major companies in the PCB sector issued three quarterly reports, with outstanding performance, which also verified our preliminary recommendation logic.We remain optimistic about the PCB industry to maintain a high prosperity, continue to recommend the PCB sector with high performance certainty, and focus on shenghong technology, chongda technology, jingwang electronics, etc.In addition, we are also optimistic about the structural investment opportunities in consumer electronics, LED and panel, and mainly recommend sanhuan group and mullinsen.Finally, the release of the third quarter comes to a close, such as Beijing Oriental, sanhuan group, yangjie technology, jingwang electronics will be released this week, investors are advised to pay close attention. 

Risk tip: lower demand did not meet expectations, trade war upgrade, increased competition in the industry, and the company's performance was lower than expected.