Dongshan Precision's First-half Net Profit Rose 117.93 Percent Year-on-year To 260 Million Yuan In 2018

- Aug 17, 2018-

Dongshan precision's latest 2018 midyear report, released on August 2, showed that its operating revenue was 7.21 billion yuan, up 17.83 percent year-on-year.Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 260 million yuan, up 117.93 percent year-on-year.Basic earnings per share of 0.24 yuan.The company's latest allocation plan for non - allocation does not convert.

In recent years, dongshan precision performance is shown in the following table:

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In the past 8 years, the operating income and growth rate of dongshan precision during the same period are as follows:

20180802102945924592 JPG

During the same period, the net profit and growth rate of the company owned by the listed company are as follows:

20180802102958255825 JPG

The operating income disclosed by dongshan precision middle news is classified by product as follows:

20180802102913961396 JPG

Dongshan precision has been carrying out various business and management work in the light of the industrial development idea of "providing technological leading core devices for intelligent connectivity and interconnection of the world".In the first half of 2018, the company's board of directors effectively promoted key work and continuously optimized comprehensive management capacity.With the gradual production of yancheng production base and the continuous improvement of the company's core products in the industry penetration rate, dongshan's precision capacity scale advantages and resources integration advantages continue to show.By adhering to the customer-oriented business strategy, guiding the application of technology industrialization, increasing r&d investment and the construction of intelligent factories, strengthening internal management, improving product quality and delivery capacity, and making positive efforts for the realization of the company's development strategy.

In the first half of 2018, dongshan achieved operating revenue of 7.212 billion yuan, up 17.83 percent from the same period last year.The net profit attributable to the parent company was 260 million yuan, up 117.93% from the same period last year, realizing earnings per share of 0.24 yuan.Dongshan precision in the first half of the main work is as follows: 1, close close to the needs of customers, do a deep and optimal segmentation industry company in order to satisfy the demands of industry as the core to promote product and process development, according to the different needs of customers to the depth development of the industry, product and manufacturing process always meet customer requirements and industry, and help customers to create value.The company's LED device products can provide rich product categories and product models according to the needs of different customers, and guarantee the user experience effect.The company's FPC products can provide differentiated product solutions and mass production plans for customer needs in different industries.