Dongshan Precision: Create The Global Top PCB Manufacturer A Number Of Businesses In Full Bloom

- Nov 17, 2018-

Based on precision manufacturing, the acquisition of MFLX has entered the forefront of FPC in the world: the company started with precision manufacturing, and its products have covered two major sectors of precision metal manufacturing and precision electronic manufacturing.In 2016, the company successfully integrated MFLX and became one of the top five FPC manufacturers in the world. In 2017, MFLX revenue reached a record high of 6.4 billion yuan, with the gross profit rate stabilizing, leading to a substantial increase in the company's revenue and net profit.In the future, consumer electronics and automotive electronics will promote the continuous expansion of the FPC market and the continuous transfer of FPC industry to the mainland, and the company, as the world's leading and the largest FPC manufacturer in China, will continue to benefit.

Multek is the world's leading manufacturer of high-end PCB. Its products cover rigid board, rigid and flexible board and FPC, and are applied in fields such as communications, consumer electronics and automobile. With nearly 40 years of development history, Multek has accumulated a good brand reputation and strength.This acquisition will greatly enrich the company's PCB product line and realize the integration of MFLX and Multek's advantages in customer resources, product technology and management operation.

The strategy of "integration" shows a sharp edge, and a number of businesses are in full bloom: the company's small-spacing LED business has developed rapidly, and now ranks the first in some subdivisions, with customers including liard, chau Ming, hai kang and daco, etc.The communications business is expected to gain a share in the new dividend brought by 5G through the acquisition of ifo electronic cutting medium new material field and the accumulation of existing technologies in antenna and filter.The company is committed to supporting production capacity, investing 3 billion yuan to set up FPC, LED packaging, CG and other projects in yancheng. The first-phase project will achieve sales of 5 billion yuan this year, and the annual sales will exceed 20 billion yuan after all the projects are put into operation, becoming the world's largest LED packaging and FPC production and manufacturing base.