Domestic Printed Circuit Board Industry Concentration Increased Two Benefits

- Aug 28, 2018-

In the short term, the appreciation trend of the RMB against the dollar began to reverse in April of the second quarter, favoring domestic export-oriented PCB enterprises.Domestic PCB large factories since June orders have been strong, gradually entering the second half of the peak season cycle.In the medium and long term, the eastward migration of global PCB industry was upgraded from "capacity transfer" led by initial foreign capital to "property transfer" accelerated rise of domestic capital.The leading domestic manufacturers have benefited from the influences of the adjustment of domestic industrial structure and the increase of concentration in the global PCB industry boom, accelerated the scale expansion with the help of financing advantages, and constantly jumped to tens of billions of scale through the optimization and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing.

Domestic PCB enterprises "strong and strong" : the domestic PCB industry is affected by the double effects of upstream price increase, shortage of goods and environmental protection. Orders are gradually shifting from backward production capacity to domestic large factories.In the context of the industry rebound, domestic capital dachang rapidly expanded the scale and increased the market share.Domestic PCB production capacity mainly focuses on medium and low-end products such as single/double panel, multi-layer board and low-order HDI board. Orders are relatively dispersed. At present, domestic enterprises are more cost-effective than foreign enterprises in the production of such products, and the order transfer trend is obvious.

In the process of industrial upgrading, manufacturers with intelligent manufacturing being the first to enter industry 4.0 have more competitive advantages: the traditional PCB industry is labor-intensive, but as the industry develops into a mature stage, low-cost and high-efficiency production becomes the core competitive barrier for long-term development of enterprises.At present, some domestic major PCB plants have taken the lead in automatic and intelligent production capacity while gradually realizing large-scale production, and their high-efficient production line management capacity has exceeded the general level of the industry.