Domestic PCB Industry Moves Inland

- Nov 17, 2018-

A surge in smartphone shipments since the second half of 2010, combined with strong demand for tablet computers, has led to strong demand for the HDI panels used in both products.In the second half of 2010, leading PCB manufacturers expanded their HDI board capacity. However, in the fourth quarter of 2011, the HDI board market showed signs of oversupply, and HDI capacity utilization began to decline.China is the largest producer of HDI panels, with a value of about $4.2 billion, followed by Japan, noted market master Naka.

The Anylayer arbitrary layer HDI board is the most advanced PCB in the iPhone.In addition to Taiwanese manufacturers, Ibiden, Meiko, LG Innotek and AT&S Shanghai supply apple iphones with large amounts of Anylayer HDI panels.Apple also has a number of hardboard suppliers, including japanese-owned Panasonic, Ibiden, MEIKO, Taiwanese Tripod, Unimicron, Compeq, us-owned Multek and Austria's AT&S.Nearly 60% of the circuit boards used in apple's products come from Taiwanese manufacturers.Most of the software apple USES comes from Nippon Mektron, Sumitomot Denko, Career, Flexium, Interfex and Mflex, Naka noted.

One of the notable changes in China's PCB industry in 2011 was a shift inland, mainly in hubei and chongqing.The PCB investment in hubei includes MEIKO investment in wuhan in the third phase, kaidist investment in wuhan production of automobile board, jianding factory in xiantao and hushi electronics investment in huangshi.None of these investments were for the HDI board, Naka noted.PCB investments in chongqing include precision technology (GBM), AT&S and hanyu bode.The first two are under construction in chongqing, while the latter is still in the planning stage.In addition, huatao electronics invested in suining, sichuan province, zhichao science and technology in chengdu, and Trendtronics invested in xiangtan, hunan province, and huoxiang circuit invested in jiujiang, jiangxi province, but these were not invested in the production of HDI boards.

However, the Yangtze river delta is still the focus of investment in the PCB industry, and there are still new PCB manufacturers in kunshan and wuxi.In kunshan, the company is ramping up production, hushi's new plant is nearing completion and Evertek's expansion plans are in the final stages of government approval, Naka said.In wuxi region, Sanmina-SCI second plant is nearly completed, and shennan circuit is building an IC board plant.In addition, the old PCB manufacturers did not reduce production or transfer, in the mainland set up factories are mostly strategic, the main base is still in the Yangtze river delta.In 2011, 53 percent of China's PCB output came from guangdong and 38 percent from eastern China, Naka said