China Is Expected To Become The Global PCB Circuit Board Industry Home.

- Jun 11, 2018-

       PCB(printed circuit board) is the support body and electrical connection carrier of electronic components. The global PCB industry accounts for more than a quarter of the total output value of the electronic components industry, and the industry is worth $60 billion.Due to China's huge domestic market, and relatively low labor costs and improve the industrial supporting advantages, such as global PCB capacity continues to shift to China since 2000, since 2006, China overtook Japan as the world's largest producer of PCB.

Domestic PCB products are moving from low to high end.

      At present, China's PCB industry has entered a period of steady development, and the products are mainly concentrated on the low and middle PCB with cost advantages.According to Chinese commerce industry research institute of market data, in 2016, domestic hard board, composite board market accounted for 13.0%, 3.7% respectively, and the 4 layer board, 6 layer board and 8 to 16 layer board market accounted for 19.1%, 13.5% and 19.1% respectively, IC loading board, 18th floor and above the top plate sales account for the relatively small, only 2.7% and 2.7% respectively.The market share of HDI board and flexible board was 16.5% and 17.1% respectively.With the constant improvement of China's PCB industry technology, the product structure is gradually optimized, the traditional single/double panel and laminated products sales proportion is gradually reduced, high technology content, high value-added HDI board, encapsulation base plate, flexible plate and other products sales proportion is increasing.

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Emerging applications bring unlimited business opportunities to PCB.

     On February 4, 2017, the national development and reform commission released the "catalog for the guidance of strategic emerging industries focus on products and services (2016 edition), including the foundation for a new generation of information industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, new material industry, biological industry, new energy industry, energy conservation and environmental protection industry, the digital creative industry, new energy automobile industry, the five major areas of eight industry, involving nearly 4000 niche products and services.Compared with the version three years ago, subdivision products and services have increased by nearly 900, with the artificial intelligence and digital creative industry entering the directory for the first time.New energy vehicles segment directories from the original "pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle" an expansion of "new energy automotive products", "charge, in electricity and hydrogenation facilities" three "production test equipment".

       Now, the car is moving toward intelligent development, the automobile industry is expected to relay the smart phone to become the new intelligent terminal.With the increasing market share of electric vehicles, intelligent + new energy will increase the use of electronic components in automobiles, which will be an important market for PCB.However, the automobile industry has a high demand for the safety and reliability of products. Therefore, the PCB industry should make the technology and production reserve before the comprehensive blowout of intelligent automobile and new energy vehicles.

       Ministry of operation monitoring and coordination bureau released statistics in May, according to a report in the first quarter of this year, China's electronic information industry as a whole run continues the stable since the second half of last year to the good development momentum.Among them, the communication equipment industry production maintains the double digit rapid growth.In the first quarter alone, the number of smartphones produced was 358.66 million, up 11.4%.Production growth in the computer industry continued to pick up, with 39.03 million laptops, up 10 percent.These areas are usually large demand for PCB.According to the current consumer electronics market, the performance of smart phones, wearable, portable medical equipment, health equipment, large market capacity, product upgrading faster, product is light, thin, small.The PCB industry has long been prepared to respond to these needs with technology and resources.

       Artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing is the national key support of the strategic emerging industries, looked from the requirement of the technique and technology of the product, belong to the category of high-end manufacturing, has very high for PCB manufacturing equipment and personnel requirements, this also for the transformation and upgrading of PCB industry provides a good opportunity.

Now, in cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, new energy vehicles, smart cars, communications, consumer electronics, health care, wearable devices, and many other areas, China has the vast market, gave birth to a lot of new consumer demand.Specific to the PCB industry, as an indispensable part of electronic system, the rapid development of the industry will bring unlimited business opportunities for the PCB industry, it also proved from another side, why China can occupy half of the global production of PCB, as the largest PCB supply base.

China is expected to become the home of the global PCB industry.

       According to the latest China manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) released by the national bureau of statistics, the PMI for June 2017 was 51.7%, up 0.5 percentage points from the previous month, and the pace of expansion of the manufacturing sector accelerated.From the classification index, the five categories that make up the manufacturing PMI index, the production and new orders index is higher than the critical point, shows that China's continued growth of manufacturing production, market demand are manufacturing.

      In particular, the shift of the global electronic manufacturing industry chain to the asia-pacific region has led to the eastward migration of the PCB industry, and the majority of PCB in the world is now produced in Asia.In terms of specific market distribution, China accounted for 50% of the mainland in 2016, 12.8% in China, 11.5% in South Korea and 9.7% in Japan, and 84% of the global PCB in these four countries.According to Prismark statistics, in 2010-2015, the Chinese PCB production soared to $26.7 billion from $19.971 billion, 2016 global PCB market value of $54.2 billion, compared with 2015 annual output decreased, the future of sustainable development in the global electronic information industry, the output value of the global PCB market in 2017 is expected to reach $55.3 billion.And much of this will fall into the hands of China's PCB companies.

In the interpretation of the information industry development guide, the ministry of industry and information technology pointed out that the demand for key application software and integrated integrated solutions is constantly improving.During the 13th five-year plan period, China will focus on developing software platforms and application systems based on cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet, Internet of things and other new computing frameworks and application scenarios.Telecommunication, transportation, education, medical health, geographic information will be the key areas of development.

      In terms of talent reserve, the total number of enterprises in China's manufacturing industry is 85.89 million, with 809 million professional technicians.By the ministry of education, human resources, social security, the ministry of industry and information technology jointly issued by the manufacturing of talent development planning guide, by 2020, the formation and manufacturing to adapt to the development needs of human resources construction pattern, train and bring up a number of adequate, reasonable structure, excellent quality, dynamic manufacturing personnel.Now, China's equipment manufacturing industry scale above enterprise human resources total nearly 17.94 million people, according to incomplete statistics, the amount of talent of nearly 7.36 million people, have a university undergraduate and graduate degree of staff personnel of the total accounted for 29% and 2%.As to the traditional manufacturing engineering construction investment increased, will be born with a large number of advanced design, key technology, materials, digital modeling and simulation, industrial control and automation, industrial services in the cloud and big data use and other aspects of professional and technical personnel.

      Taken together, national policy support, market potential, industry accumulation, and talent reserves, China already has all the conditions of the rapid development of PCB industry, become the global PCB industry at home is follow.