Display Glass Substrate Supply Will Be Tighter Next Year

- Oct 20, 2018-

IHS, a research firm, expects the larger 65-inch televisions to be widely available in China and the United States.As demand for display areas such as televisions continues to grow and demand for display glass substrate continues to increase, the supply of display glass will become tighter in 2018. 

IHS said that the demand for display area has increased year by year, and the LCD TV has accounted for 70% of the total demand for display area.Demand for LCD TVS peaked in 2015 and continued to decline from 2015 to 2017. 

IHS notes that the average screen size has grown rapidly, from 39.2 inches in 2015 to 41.2 inches in 2016.The average screen size in 2017 is expected to be 42.3 inches.The increase in the average screen size not only makes up for the reduction in the number of pieces, but also increases the overall display area demand. 

IHS notes that corning, AGC and NEG are the world's leading three major display glass companies.While some new companies have joined the market, capacity is limited.Therefore, only these three companies have the ability to provide the glass needed for the new production line of the panel manufacturer, and the new production capacity of the three companies has been completely covered by the new panel production line. 

IHS explained that kangning plays an important role in the supply chain of two panel factories, samsung and Beijing Oriental. However, even a large company like kangning has risks in investing in the new 10.5-generation glass melting furnace, and must be careful about it. 

In addition, AGC display glass plant plays an important role in the supply chain of huaxing optronics in the panel plant;While NEG is the main supplier of lg display (LGD), NEG has invested in three new melting kilns in xiamen, and the xiamen plant will have a total of six melting kilns in 2018.