Development Trend Of PCB Separators Under The Strategic Plan 2025

- Aug 18, 2018-

With the rapid increase of global intelligent mobile equipment demand, the demand for its component PCB separators has also increased greatly. A large number of manufacturers at home and abroad have continuously developed and expanded production capacity.The 2016 shenzhen international circuit board purchase exhibition (CS SHOW 2016), which will start from August 30 to September 1 this year, is the only industry exhibition focusing on PCB/FPC procurement.At that time, thousands of PCB buyers will gather in shenzhen, the two sides of the PCB big all in place, close cooperation, jointly leading the industry technology frontier.

There is competitive pressure in any industry. China is a big manufacturing country in the world, and there is great competitive pressure in the world. 

PCB is an important electronic component, a supporting body of electronic components, and a provider of electrical connection of electronic components.Because it is made by electronic printing, it is called "printed" circuit board, PCB splitter.

Today, China is the largest PCB manufacturer in the world. Although the global financial crisis caused a huge crisis to PCB, it did not have a disastrous impact on China's PCB industry. With the support of national economic policies, China's PCB distribution property was fully revived in 2012.It is estimated that China will maintain a compound annual growth rate of 8.10% from 2010 to 2015, higher than the global average growth rate of 5.40%.

PCB splitter: China used to be the first in the world in terms of production capacity, but in terms of the overall technical level of PCB production, it still lags behind the advanced countries in the world.In terms of industrial structure, the multi-layer board accounts for a large proportion of output value, but most of them are the medium-low end products of the multi-layer board.HDI, PCB circuit board divider and other scientific and technological contents have a gap with overseas advanced products such as Japan. Few enterprises can master the IC board with the highest technical content.

Now that the made in China 2025 plan is in full swing, what can the board splitter industry, as one of the industries in manufacturing, do under such national economic development strategy?What support can be gained from this?

The made in China 2025 strategic plan defines five key projects of national manufacturing innovation center construction, intelligent manufacturing, industrial strength foundation, green manufacturing and high-end equipment innovation, as well as ten key areas such as the new-generation information and communication technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, and aerospace equipment.It takes the innovation drive as the core, takes the industrialization and the informationization deep fusion as the main line, takes the intelligent manufacturing-manufacturing digitization network intelligence as the main attack direction.These key projects and ten major areas are the focus and key breakthrough of China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading in the future.

Therefore, we can see that intelligent manufacturing is also one of the key projects. The plate splitter industry is affiliated to the intelligent automation equipment industry, so it can be seen that the plate splitter industry is also a sunrise industry in the future.However, it is worth noting that made in China 2025 aims to develop China's manufacturing industry, enhance its competitiveness in the international market and establish its international status.Nowadays, the board dividing machine industry is basically some small and medium-sized equipment factories, without large scale and industry standards.So in order to better implement the plan, small machine industry but also nots allow to ignore, must change the traditional production mode as soon as possible, enterprise core technology innovation and development, with independent intellectual property rights, combined with the "machine substitution" put forward by the national policy, design and production to conform to the industrial standard of intelligent tumble machine and other intelligent devices.