Development Status Of PCB Fabrication Technology

- Aug 11, 2017-

Almost all electronic products need to use the circuit board, the circuit board is fixed, the connection, the electronic components of insulation, flame-retardant board. Make the connection of components faster and neater. Easy mass production and maintenance, increase the reliability of electrical appliances. is one of the components of electronic appliances. The circuit board makes the circuit miniature and intuitive, which plays an important role in the mass production and optimization of the fixed circuit.

The research on the automatic testing system of printed circuit board in China began in the middle of the early 90.

At present, the research institutes engaged in this field are comparatively few, and because of the influence of various factors, the research on the automatic optical inspection system of PCB defects also stays at a relatively early level. Because of the foreign printed circuit board automatic testing system price is too expensive, and the domestic has not developed a real sense of the printed circuit board automatic testing equipment, so most of the domestic circuit board manufacturers or using a magnifying glass or projector to check the side of the method.

Because the labor intensity is large, the eye is easy to produce fatigue, the leakage rate is very high.

And with the electronic products towards miniaturization, digital development, printed circuit board also toward high-density, high-precision development, the use of manual testing methods, basically can not be achieved. For higher density and precision circuit boards (0.12~0.10mm), it is completely impossible to test. Detection means of backwardness, leading to the current domestic multilayer board (8-12-layer) of the product pass rate is only $number.