CS Show 2018 Shows You The Technological Change And Market Frontier Of The PCB

- Jun 30, 2018-

On August 28, 2018, solstice 30, "the 5th shenzhen international circuit board procurement exhibition 2018" (CS Show 2018) will be held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center.

As to fill the domestic blank PCB professional exhibitions at the annual event, and CS Show 2018 will focus on industry provides a convenient one-stop PCB/FPC procurement services, by the organizers of trade platform, realize the buyer in-depth face-to-face communication with PCB manufacturers at home and abroad, so as to promote the domestic PCB industry faster from the factory to the market transformation, from manufacturing to create breakthrough.


In addition to the scene showing strong processing power circuit board industry, quick response speed and high quality technical service, take a look at what CS Show 2018 passed the development trend of PCB industry, drive the domestic circuit board production, green energy-saving technology wingers wisdom, and for industries to new technologies, new processes, new materials for new breakthrough and development direction.

Accelerate industrial transformation laser marking PCB industry rising power.

At present, due to the strong demand of consumers for smart phones, wearable electronics and other light intelligent digital products, PCB industry is developing rapidly towards light weight, intelligence and integration.

In order to realize quality control of PCB board, manufacturers often mark characters, one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes and other information on PCB board for traceability.

However, due to the problems of poor abrasion resistance, low precision and environmental pollution, the traditional printing technology is not suitable for the new market technology.

Therefore, laser marking has become a development trend of PCB industry.

In the CS Show which opens in 2018, there is a figure for the laser marking, laser laser (booth no. : 2 j25), whether ted: guangdong inscription j30 (2), laser laser j10 (2), the China (2 j40), etc. All appearance.

Compared with the traditional printing technology, good quality of laser marking technology, high consistency, high resistance to wear, high efficiency, cost saving and safe and reliable, has many advantages of performance, the PCB industry application is very extensive, provide development prospect extremely.

Injecting green intelligent manufacturing genes into the PCB industry leads the development trend of the industry.

As is known to all, in the whole industry chain of information industry, printed circuit industry is still a heavy pollution and high consumption industry.

Therefore, it is imperative for the PCB industry to achieve clean production and implement the concept of circular economy.

For now, a lot of PCB enterprise energy-saving mainly rely on technological progress, mainly reflected in the aspects of innovation PCB production process and production of raw materials: such as the use of laser digital ink-jet printing technology to replace the traditional screen printing, use 3 d printing instead of PCB circuit of etching, using energy-saving electroplating power supply, promotion of high efficiency and energy saving motor, advancing the compressed air energy saving, etc., can make the PCB industry energy saving work get twice the result with half the effort.

In addition, PCB board is widely used, covering almost all electronic system products.

In the present electronic products showed a trend of lightweight, high speed high frequency, the downstream PCB industry also corresponding to the high density, high integration, encapsulation, subtle, and the direction of multiple stratification, the intellectualization of PCB production are also put forward new requirements.

Therefore, the domestic electronic information industry closely caters to the process of made in China 2025. Both intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing will put forward new tasks and requirements for the development of printed circuit board industry.

CS Show 2018 as a professional platform for upstream and downstream link circuit board industry, focus on presenting the wisdom of the PCB industry production, green energy saving technology and product solutions, help the audience to understand the global advanced PCB technology new knowledge and development trend, is committed to create innovative, environmentally friendly, intelligent circuit board equipment and raw materials manufacturers efficient display platform.

Radiation electronic information entire industry chain new materials and new technology concentrated appearance.

CS Show 2018 brings together high-quality PCB manufacturers at home and abroad, and is also the starting place for many new materials, new technologies and new technologies in the PCB industry.

At present, mobile communication devices, high frequency, high and new materials, Internet, networking, industrial robots, intelligent automation, such as electronics, 4.0 from manufacturing materials to the technology and equipment, from the component to the system, from the application to the service, basic is dependent on the PCB the strong support of new technology, new material.

And many well-known domestic and foreign exhibitors will also bring single/double panel, multi-layer board, HDI and other rigid panels for global terminal electronic customers.

Single side, double side and multi-layer soft board;

Combination of hard and soft board, IC load board, metal substrates, ceramic substrates, the high frequency substrate such as special products display and advanced equipment, materials, focus on promotion and display PCB industry chain of high-end products, technology research and development, the development of green energy-saving and intelligent automation.

Most of these new materials and products are driven by originality and lead the future development direction of PCB with excellent product performance and industrial value.

We will cooperate and open up four grand events to meet the one-stop purchasing demand of the audience.

CS Show 2018, built by SPCA, CCPIT and Reed, has not only become an excellent platform for PCB, FPC and HDI circuit board enterprises, but also successfully attracted the attention of many top exhibitors at home and abroad.

At present including Mr Kang, whether JingWang electronics, radium laser, worship of circuit, Ming Yang road, on the science and technology, xing sen fast circuit, five plant technology, wei bo min electronics, green environment, build south, every valley PCB leading companies such as the earth have been determined, the exhibitors number continues to grow.

These exhibitors cover circuit board manufacturing, production equipment and materials, intelligent automation production equipment, environmental equipment and materials, software and services provider, intelligent terminal manufacturers and other fields, then they will use the most proud of PCB materials, technology and equipment innovation to the industry.

It is worth mentioning, 2018 shenzhen international electronics manufacturing of PCB procurement fair will also work with well-known exhibition NEPCON South China South China electronics, intelligent FACTORY and automation technology EXPO (S - FACTORY EXPO), China AUTOMOTIVE technology electronics (AUTOMOTIVE WORLD China 2018), with land held one card through four exhibition, effective collection PCB, SMT, automobile electronic frontier in the field of technology and information, promote the upstream and downstream of the interaction between the electronic industry,

To present an influential international electronic manufacturing event in Asia.

CS Show 2018 follows the trend of rapid development of the domestic electronics industry, creating a good market atmosphere for the transformation and upgrading of the circuit board industry.

Its comprehensive display of cutting-edge technologies and products in the PCB field will ignite the buying spree of PCB practitioners and help the transformation and upgrading of the PCB industry.

The concept of green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing that it advocates will also be deeply rooted in people's hearts and become the trend pursued by the domestic circuit board industry.