Consumer Electronics And Automotive Electronics Will Continue To Drive The SMT Industry

- Apr 20, 2019-

                5G networks drive base station upgrades according to news reports, China's three major telecom operators (mobile, linkage and telecom) have officially identified the first batch of cities with 5G network coverage, including 19 cities + xiongan new area. It is estimated that consumers in some cities will enjoy 5G service next year, which is hundreds of times faster than 4G. 

                 To move from 4G to 5G, operators need to upgrade the hardware of their base stations, such as servers, creating a huge market demand, said Dr Lu.Universal instruments offers a range of solutions for the assembly of large and complex server circuit boards using standard mount, plug - in, and pinch - in techniques. Industry 4.0 has become the trend China's smart factories are a trend. Dr. Lu pointed out that global instruments has invested a lot in industry 4.0 in recent years. 

                 The product launched by global instruments for industry 4.0 is Line Chart, which can report the operation status of the machine in real time, what parts are running, how many products are produced in an hour, what components should be supplemented, and so on.In addition to real-time display, the collected data can also be communicated with upstream and downstream equipment on the production line, such as printing press, SPI, AOI, reflow welding, etc., so as to increase the efficiency of the whole line. On the challenges of implementing a smart factory, Dr Lu said one of the biggest problems was the lack of industry-accepted standards.Global instruments is now actively involved in the development of standards in the United States and in the industry. 

              Once standards are set, different machines and different brands of equipment can communicate in the same way to make the overall system of the factory seamless.In other words, when a new machine comes to a smart factory, as long as the machine is plugged in, it can automatically reach the whole line connection and automatically make adjustments according to the data, including reporting when the machine needs maintenance and so on, so as to improve the efficiency of the machine in production. Uflex and FuzionOF improve automation At the exhibition, universal instruments demonstrated two devices, Uflex automation unit and FuzionOF special-shaped SMT machine. Uflex is characterized by its flexibility to handle a variety of electronic assembly processes, such as pickup and mounting, dispensing, locking screws and hot pressing.

             The FuzionOF variant assemblers feature a variety of components on the circuit board, including tiny components, standard resistors and capacitors, and connectors, processors and radiators, all of which have very specific shapes and tend to be bottlenecks in the electronics assembly industry.