Closure, Delisting, Acquisition: How Does The Quick Shuffle Rechargeable Pile Industry Make Money?

- Aug 17, 2018-

With the rapid development of electric vehicles, the charging pile industry has entered the stage of reshuffle in the early development of the industry.

On July 31, shenzhen rongyi electric technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "rongyi electric") issued a company dissolution notice, saying that because of too much investment in research and development, it failed to turn into benefits in time.Due to improper financing methods, the company's operating financial costs are too high.The company has sustained losses in recent years and is no longer able to continue operation. The company was dissolved in accordance with law on July 31, 2018 and entered into liquidation procedures.

This is not the first charging pile company to declare bankruptcy.Since this year, in the charging pile industry, closure, suspension of operation, delisting, acquisition and other news from time to time.

Not long ago, Beijing fudian lvneng technology co., ltd. announced the formal withdrawal from the new third board.Earlier this year, it was reported that Shenzhen Woer heat-shrinkable Material Co.,Ltd., became its largest shareholder with a 48.776% stake of 8 million yuan.

Since 2014, China has comprehensively opened up the market of pure electric vehicle infrastructure construction and vigorously encouraged social capital to invest in the construction of charging piles. A large number of charging pile companies have emerged.

By the China council for the promotion of the electric car charging infrastructure alliance (hereinafter referred to as the "charging alliance") and other units jointly compiled by the 2017 ~ 2018 year China charging infrastructure development report statistics, as of December 2017, public charging pile retaining number 214000, increased by 48.6%, compared to the same private number 232000 charging piles, together more than 440000.

The industry is still in its early stage of development, and problems such as high investment, long return cycle and unclear profit model follow.Apart from a few leading enterprises have completed a relatively complete and mature business layout, some enterprises with financing difficulties and continuous losses are in a more awkward position.

"Many enterprises of charging piles just blindly enter the market and violate the consumer demand and market rules.On August 6, the secretary of the national passenger car market information joint conference told the 21st century business herald.

More than one fell

Founded in 2003, rong yi announced to build electric vehicle power industry chain in 2014.In May 2016, rongyi changed its industrial and commercial information from rongguang electromechanical equipment co., ltd. to rongyi electric technology co., LTD. Its business scope changed from hardware products, molds, machine boxes, microwave electronic components and other parts to charging facilities manufacturing.

Entering the charging pile industry, rong yi electric power is "half way out", the playing method is quite aggressive.

Looking at the official website of rongyi electric, the 21st century business reporter found that shortly after rongyi officially changed its industrial and commercial information in May 2016, the company started work on the new third board.At that time, the company's registered capital was only 30.28 million yuan.Obviously, for the reasset charging pile industry, rongyi hopes to attract investment and financing to develop relevant businesses by grabbing the leading position of the charging pile industry.

"Some small and medium-sized enterprises see the dividend of new energy vehicles and choose to enter the charging pile industry, which looks more like following suit. They do not have mature technology or sufficient capital to sustain development and are not competitive in the market."A top operator of charging piles told the 21st century business herald.

These people further said that the charging pile industry is very high demand for funds.It is understood that the construction cost of a common charging pile is about 20,000 yuan, while the construction cost of a quick charging pile is more than 100,000 yuan.In addition to the cost of site lease and later operation, a large amount of capital needs to be invested in the short term, and the cycle of cost return is very long.

There are many charging piles that have problems in the capital chain. Even the listed companies have to face the capital pressure from business expansion.

In 2015, fudian technology successfully entered the new third board listed company Beijing wuheng technology co., ltd. through asset replacement, and later renamed the listed company fudian lvneng.On July 9, the company announced that it was terminated from trading on the new third board for failing to disclose its annual report for 2017.

In fact, the company's 2017 revenue of 903 million yuan was attributed to the parent company's net profit of 41,5303 million yuan, according to the company's 2017 performance express released on feb 28 this year.Still, it needs more capital to expand its charging pile business.

In the past, the company has twice issued financing announcements in the hope of raising 800 million yuan through the share issue, but failed to do so.

Financing is difficult, rich electricity green can choose to exit new third board eventually.It is also reported that the exit from the new third board is an exit that fudian green can actively choose for the purpose of better financing of enterprises. The next step is that fudian green can prepare to go public in Hong Kong shares.

The charging pile industry needs to bear heavy assets. Under the situation that it is difficult to make profits in the early stage, only the players with deep funds can continue to develop.And the capital strength is weak or does not have the stable financing channel enterprise, will face the severe survival test.