Circuit Board The Way Of Enterprise Development

- Nov 03, 2018-

Shen qingfang, chairman and chief executive of pengding holdings, reiterated his approach to development with the words "focus, innovation and transcendence" at the main BBS conference of the "four new economies" in shenzhen on oct 17.

Shen qingfang believes that the real economy must be concentrated and focused, and should not change its track due to the fluctuations of the external environment.

"" we currently have five factories in China and have focused on this for years.There were a lot of twists and turns, even the recession, and the financial tsunami of 2008, but we stuck with the circuit board industry.The financial tsunami of 2008, the recent sino-us trade war, or the stock market is not good, we all ignore, we always do our own thing, do a very important core electronic piece.As long as we play it safe, there will be value in our existence.Shen stressed.

In addition, under the focus on the main business, peng ding holdings also attaches great importance to innovation drive."We have a very strong research and development team, and we continue to increase the investment in research and development.The company has established a research and development team composed of personnel from different professional backgrounds, including polymer materials, chemistry, electronics, chemical engineering, electrical machinery and other aspects, and sent the research and development to the United States for training.Promote cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes, and cooperate with the shenzhen graduate school of tsinghua university, Peking University, Harbin Institute of Technology, sun yat-sen university, shenzhen university, guangdong university of technology, and yanshan university.Every quarter, the proposal improvement recognition conference will be held to stimulate the enthusiasm of staff and colleagues in innovation and research and development and actively encourage innovation and research in the production process."Shen said.

"In the Numbers, it's a patent application," shen said.As of last year, pengding had 1,002 filings and 586 patents.At present, due to research and development results and patents, pengding holdings and its subsidiaries hongqisheng precision and qingding precision are all standardized high-tech enterprises.

It is the continuous research and innovation, gave peng ding holdings constantly beyond the confidence.

"In the innovation and development strategy, we keep up with the technical development of world-class customers, persist in the cooperation with world-class customers, keep up with the technical pace of world-class customers, and walk in the forefront of the industry technology."According to shen, pengding holdings has always been focused on product and technology innovation, following the pace of top customers, MOTOROLA, nokia and HP were its biggest customers.

"Light (light weight), thin (thin thickness), short (short process), small (small size microholes), high, low, many, fast, fine, fine, fine, beautiful."Shen used these 12 words to sum up the specification of technological development.

As for the future business layout, shen qingfang said 5G, biometrics, or pressure sensing and sensing autonomous driving could be applied to the circuit board of peng ding holdings, or cloud storage, computing, base station, etc. "this is our step-by-step development layout, and ultimately we want to use intelligent factories."