China's PCB Output Accounts For 42.7% Of Global Output,mainly To Small And Medium-sized Manufacturers

- Nov 17, 2018-

According to Taiwan's jinshi news, China has become a global PCB production center. According to dong zhongming, a senior analyst with IEK, in 2012, the output value of global PCB was $59.79 billion, while that of China accounted for 42.7%.PCB mainly belongs to small and medium scale, with only one manufacturer entering 20 and 23 manufacturers entering 100 in the world.

Dong said that although the global IC board market is controlled by Taiwan, Japan and South Korea manufacturers, the Chinese mainland has been able to provide CSP, PBGA, SiP...Such packaging required board, and the actual delivery of international packaging large factory, PCB land - based board products have emerged on the table.

In addition, due to the limited environmental emission, production scale, market and other factors, the factories are all over the place. The production tolerance of each environmental protection control area may be less than 6 million feet, which can only accommodate less than 3 manufacturers. As a result, the layout of upstream raw material plants is difficult and customer service challenges are formed.

Dong Zhongming think, however, low-cost electronic products by the emerging Chinese market spread to other countries, and even developed countries market, high price of a single model strategy has become the past type, zte, huawei, lenovo, cool four Chinese mobile phone brand in the global smartphone market share is gradually expanding, support by the Chinese market, China PCB plant growth power to be reckoned with in the future.

As for the PCB industry in Taiwan this year, IEK said that the PC will show an annual decline in this year's terminal electronic products, and the low price of smart phones and tablets will affect the performance of the upstream PCB industry. It is estimated that the output value of the PCB industry in Taiwan will decline by 3.06 percent annually, and the annual output value will drop to 499.6 billion Taiwan dollar.

IEK said that although this year's annual performance did not grow as expected, for Taiwanese PCB manufacturers, they should try to open more sources of orders and add more product applications to mitigate the impact of revenue shortfalls caused by the decline in existing orders.