China's PCB Market Will Develop Rapidly

- Aug 11, 2017-

Expert analysis, the future development of China's PCB market will show the following points:

First, with the rapid increase in the demand of mobile terminal products, the future demand for PCB products, especially high precision and special substrates, will show a rapid growth trend. At present, electronic products have two trends, one is the consumer of electronic products ultra-thin portable requirements. It provides an opportunity for the development of HDI board and soft board. The other is the stability requirement of high frequency circuit. Because of the fast circuit transmission speed, information processing, the reliability of the PCB is very high. Therefore, the demand for high-end and special substrates will continue to rise.

Second, a majority of the mobile terminals benefit from production in China. China's PCB enterprises with fast response, short production cycle and other advantages of good competitiveness. Since 2000, China's PCB industry accounted for the global proportion from 7% to 36% to become the world's largest PCB production center. The future, as global electronics production capacity gradually shifted to China. PCB is an important link in the electronic product industry chain. China PCB production enterprise revenue growth will be much faster than the global industry average speed, prismark that 2010 to 2015, China's PCB annual composite growth rate of 12.2%, and Europe and the United States only 2%, Japan is 4%, so Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, such as PCB investment scale will be further reduced. The central position of the Asian region in the production of printed circuit boards in the world will be enhanced, especially in the mainland, where China will continue to maintain its status as a centre of development.