China's LED Display Lights Up The World Cup, A Source Of National Pride

- Jun 30, 2018-

Aoto Electronics

After two world cups in South Africa and Brazil, the high-end LED display of Rio tinto has appeared on the football field in Russia this year for the third time in a row.According to otto electronic World Cup, in the Russian autoart Moscow electronic LED display equipment has put into use 12 game on the pitch, the game provides LED advertising display high-definition screen all around and show service provided by otto electronic products.

Autoart electronics is introduced, in the shine of the World Cup will develop the international market for the company offers the best pass, in recent years, otto electronic not only became a FIFA's outstanding partners, but also the fiba, uefa's outstanding partners, otto electronic LED display products are frequently used in all kinds of international sports event, such as the World Cup, European cup, the confederations cup, champions league and so on.

Autoart electronics, said the World Cup of high-end LED video system in the past was once the European and American manufacturers in the world, ao tuo electronics giant wai killed abroad can come to the fore, will be three consecutive successful World Cup high-end LED video system of Chinese enterprises, on the one hand reflects the autoart electronics has strong technical strength in LED display, on the other hand is for the "made in China" in the 

Chau Ming science and technology

Chau Ming science and technology as the 2018 World Cup in Russia show solutions provider, with consistent appearance at the 2018 World Cup games, the international first-class standard for its perfect top sports effect, for major international brand build a bridge to communicate with the fans.

During the World Cup, chau Ming technology LED display at the luzhniki stadium, kazan stadium, Moore multidimensional arena, samara four main arena, with a total area of more than 4500 ㎡.

As the industry's leading supplier of sports LED solutions, the company will with the international first-class standard, the escort for the World Cup, fans around the world to create the perfect visual effect, sharing the sporting event.