China's First New Procurement Platform Combining PCB And SMT Has Been Launched

- Nov 17, 2018-

Circuit board is an indispensable base board for assembling electronic parts, which is known as "the mother of electronic products".China's circuit board industry has been developing rapidly in the past two decades. According to statistics, the output value of China's circuit board was 150 billion yuan in 2013, accounting for about 42% of the global value.In the pearl river delta region in particular, more than 1,500 enterprises have a total output value of more than 90 billion yuan, accounting for more than 60 percent of the country's total output value.Shenzhen is the earliest and most intensive PCB industry in China.

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To support the government's initiative to support the transformation and upgrading of industrial policy, the power of "shenzhen" into a "global PCB procurement center", August 26-28, 2014, shenzhen (SPCA), the association of Taiwan PCB circuit board industry association (TPCA), electronic information industry branch of the China council for the promotion of international trade (CCPIT) and Reed Exhibitions in shenzhen convention and exhibition center (Reed Exhibitions) are teaming up to 6,Shenzhen International Circuit Sourcing Show 2014 was held.

Shenzhen international circuit board procurement exhibition 2014 to "green," organizers said.Wisdom "as the theme, is committed to build circuit board manufacturers with the most valuable electronic information industry chain cooperation platform, for the terminal electronics manufacturing customers strong manufacturing capabilities, focusing on south China PCB industry technology development and the advantage of the country of origin, and circuit board production, the wisdom green energy-saving technology, new technology, new technology, new material aspects such as the latest breakthrough and development direction.

Cross-strait giants have joined forces to create an industry event

Shenzhen circuit board trade association (SPCA) and Taiwan circuit board association (TPCA) play an important role in protecting local industries and enhancing the international competitiveness of local enterprises.SPCA promotes industrial structure optimization and upgrading and transformation in a pioneering, innovative and pragmatic spirit, enabling PCB enterprises in shenzhen and the pearl river delta region to seize the high-end industrial high point in the global market, with 365 existing member units.In 2010, the domestic and overseas output value of Taiwan has ranked the first in the world, and TPCA has established its important position in the global circuit board industry with existing 620 member units.

Shenzhen circuit board chairman Mr XinGuoSheng industry association, said: "this exhibition is helpful to the downstream enterprises to grasp the latest product technical information, make the right purchasing decisions, help PCB manufacturers to expand in south China and even the national market share, gain direct trade orders and cooperation opportunities, therefore is not to be missed circuit board industry set 'display, communication, trade in one of the professional platform.", chairman of the association of Taiwan PCB yong-hui wu said: "this exhibition is devoted to make circuit board manufacturers with the most valuable electronic information industry chain cooperation platform, at the same time, it will be an innovative, environmentally friendly, intelligent circuit board equipment and raw materials manufacturers the best display platform, on both sides of the combination of the association, can give full play to their respective resource advantages, seeking for circuit board industry healthy development, and promote positive interaction on both sides of the industry."

Lizhan expo group operates more than 500 exhibition projects in 40 countries. Its exhibition and conference portfolio provides services to 43 industry sectors across the americas, Europe, the Middle East and the asia-pacific region.In 2013, the exhibition organized by the lai zhan expo group attracted more than 6 million participants from all over the world, reaching billions of dollars of business transactions for customers.Mr Huang Zhaojun lizhan expo group vice President, said: "this exhibition will focus on outstanding South China PCB industry strong manufacturing capacity, technology research and development, and the advantage of the country of origin, at the same time, the exhibition will be with the NEPCON South China held at the same place and the same period, so that this exhibition will be fully covered electronics manufacturing, upstream and downstream enterprises to provide exhibitors perfect display, communication and trade platform, promote close cooperation between upstream and downstream electronics industry chain.

Electronic products development, multifunction and lightweight requirements put more functions in the same area of circuit boards, as well as to reduce the circuit area and SMT technology became the best choice for this demand, and the future more and more PCB assembly will use the SMT process, high current mobile phones and other portable electronic products almost 100% in SMT process.In addition, the miniaturization of electronic products has led to the popularity of many technologies such as high-density interconnection (HDI) micro-conductive holes, imbedding, optoelectronics and printing electronics.It can be seen that PCB and SMT will become increasingly interdependent in the future, and their respective technological development will also have a profound impact on each other.

For this reason, shenzhen international circuit board purchasing exhibition 2014 will be held in the same place with NEPCON South China (NEPCON South China electronics show), one of the largest electronic manufacturing exhibitions in South China, which is the first PCB and SMT exhibition in China.The exhibition will gather the most cutting-edge technology and product information of PCB and SMT, effectively promote the interaction and communication between the upstream and downstream of the electronics industry, and provide better help for the procurement of electronic manufacturing enterprises.

Learned, NEPCON South China 2014 plan exhibition area of 30000 square meters, a total of from 22 countries and regions, nearly 500 companies, more than 32000 people from the electronic manufacturing company will come to the exhibition, there will also be invited more than 2000 from ems and original shenzhen international circuit board PCB purchasing department head to visit the same period of procurement fair.As 2014 is also the 20th anniversary of NEPCON south China electronics show, the organizers will launch a series of annual celebration activities. Therefore, it seems that this year's combination of NEPCON south China electronics show and shenzhen international circuit board procurement exhibition will present more splendid achievements. Let's wait and see.

Gather high-quality PCB enterprise service largest electronic production base

In recent years, China's electronic information industry has maintained a rapid growth momentum, the south China region to become China's largest production base of electronic information industry, China's guangdong province alone, a third in mobile phones, notebook computers, home appliances, communications equipment, digital cameras, and other fields, changes in manufacturing production directly influences the whole China's information industry.

Shenzhen is the most concentrated area of the global electronics industry. According to the ministry of industry and information technology, the growth value of the new-generation information technology industry in shenzhen last year reached 218 billion yuan, accounting for one seventh of the income of the electronic information manufacturing industry above the national scale.

Circuit board according to the 2014 shenzhen international sourcing fair will intends to invite 500 circuit board factory in south China as well as the large electronic circuit board manufacturing enterprises procurement director to participate in this exhibition, the exhibition will bring together the high quality PCB manufacturing company, display circuit board manufacturing enterprises, all kinds of panel, a multilayer circuit board, soft board manufacturing, design, contract, circuit board and related auxiliary equipment, intelligent equipment and materials of environmental protection and resource recycling products, environmental protection technical services, intelligent terminal manufacturers, to create the best opportunities for equipment materials manufacturers, and effective purchasing upstream and downstream cooperation intention.

Excellent purchasing platform

Shenzhen international circuit board procurement fair 2014 is the only domestic industry exhibition focusing on PCB/FPC procurement. This exhibition will provide one-stop PCB/FPC procurement services for electronic manufacturing enterprises and facilitate the face-to-face communication between global buyers and PCB manufacturers.It is estimated that more than 35,000 downstream electronics manufacturing professionals will attend the conference and gather the resources of electronic buyers around the world, which can effectively achieve the upstream and downstream purchasing cooperation intention.

According to the organizer, this exhibition has received the industry's warm attention, many industry well-known enterprises enthusiastically signed up to participate in the exhibition.At present,Shenzhen city flourishing electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Suntak Circuit Technology Co., Ltd., wing chit electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen plant five science and Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen bo min electronics Co., Ltd., xin electronics (qingyuan) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen huaxiang RongZheng Circuit electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen letter electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen east yu optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. (shantou), macro li electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen shepherd's Circuit Technology Co., Ltd., Po Luo Kangjia precision Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen zhijun boxinves Circuit board Co., Ltd., Shenzhen east electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen air CircuitMany leading enterprises in the industry, including technology co., LTD., weijia digital technology co., LTD., shenzhen chang dong xin circuit board co., LTD., and shenzhen renchuanyi electronics co., LTD., have confirmed to participate in the exhibition.

The exhibition activities during the same period were wonderful

In order to push China's PCB industry to achieve the transformation from factory to market, from manufacturing to creating breakthroughs, explore the forward-looking industrial trends of circuit board manufacturing, innovative intelligent equipment and new raw materials, and help enterprises better grasp the development opportunities, this exhibition specially held a number of wonderful BBS and industrial activities.

These include: "global PCB/FPC procurement BBS", which will discuss the key development trends of end customers' PCB procurement, the global PCB procurement strategy and key issues closely related to PCB manufacturers;"Shenzhen PCB industry development BBS" : it will analyze the industry status and development trend, improve enterprise management, and provide the future development trend of PCB industry;"PCB master lecture" : specially invited domestic and foreign authoritative experts to bring the most cutting-edge PCB manufacturing technology information;There are also green manufacturing appraisal, scientific and technological innovation appraisal, PCB new product promotion, GOLF fraternity match, badminton league and other industrial activities.