China's First Company To Break Into The Apple Shell Supply Chain, From Shenzhen

- Aug 28, 2018-

China's leading manufacturer of structural parts, changying precision, has just won an order for the metal case of apple's MacBook, the first time a mainland company has entered the supply chain of apple's case, an area previously dominated by Taiwanese companies.

Established in July 2001, changying precision is very young, but it has already received orders for metal case from top 10 mobile phone factories in the world, including samsung, huawei, OPPO, vivo and other brands. It has become a powerful tool to grab apple orders.

The current shenzhen headquarters and several branches of changying precision

Cheung ying is aiming to expand international orders this year, following the Mac, with the next step being the iPhone.

Changying entered the supply chain of metal case of macbooks for the first time this year, becoming the fifth supplier of metal case of apple.

However, there are concerns that changying is targeting a larger number of iPhone orders as it cuts into apple's metal case supply chain, putting pressure on Taiwanese metal case manufacturers to squeeze orders and price movements.

This time, changying entered the supply chain of the metal casing of the MacBook with the leading position of the structural parts in mainland China, followed by the purchase of iPhone, whether it will lead to the big move of the single layout of apple's casing, which has attracted much attention from the industry.

According to information disclosed by changying, the company's international customer revenue accounted for about 10 percent in 2016, rose to about 15 percent in 2017 and will rise further this year.The industry believes that apple should be the most important international customers that changying has targeted this year.

Orders for the metal case of apple's three major products -- iPhone, MacBook and iPad -- were previously made by four suppliers, namely hon hai's hongzuo, kosei and pegatron, as well as U.S. manufacturer jaguar land rover.

In fact, in recent years, the mainland zero component factory has risen strongly and entered the apple supply chain step by step, competing with Taiwanese manufacturers in terms of electroacoustic components, connectors, battery modules, optical lenses, etc., to grab orders.

In the case of electroacoustic components, American lawyers from Taiwan first entered apple's supply chain. However, recently, ruisheng technology from shenzhen has risen up to become the world's largest manufacturer of acoustic components. Ge er acoustics, also funded by the mainland, has been rapidly catching up, making us law a considerable threat.