China Is About To Become The Home Of The World's Printed Circuit Boards

- Nov 17, 2018-

PCB omestic demand market, lower labor costs and improved industrial supporting facilities, global PCB production capacity began to shift to China from 2000, and since 2006, the Chinese mainland has surpassed Japan to become the world's largest PCB producer.

View the development status of PCB industry in China from the top 100 list

Judging from the ranking list of printed circuit in China, PCB industry in mainland China has witnessed rapid development in production capacity over the past decade.In terms of sales, in the first ranking published in 2002, there were only 28 enterprises whose annual sales revenue reached more than 100 million yuan in 2001, and the first place was guangzhou tianli whose sales volume was 1.30 billion yuan.Since 2005, 100 companies have been able to enter the rankings.By the 15th session of 2016, the number of comprehensive PCB enterprises with an operating revenue of 100 million yuan reached 131, 4.7 times of the first session.In terms of revenue, zhending technology, the no.1 comprehensive enterprise, has reached 16.819 billion yuan, 13 times of the first place in guangzhou tianli 15 years ago.From the perspective of regional development, PCB top 100 enterprises are mainly distributed in shenzhen, huizhou, suzhou, Shanghai, kunshan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions.

Domestic PCB products are moving from the mid and low end to the high end

Now, China's PCB industry has entered a period of steady development, and the products are mainly concentrated in the mid and low-end PCB with cost advantages.In 2016, domestic hardboard and composite board accounted for 13.0% and 3.7% of the market share, while the market share of four boards, six boards and eight to 16 boards was 19.1%, 13.5% and 10.4%, and the sales volume of IC board, 18-floor and above board accounted for a small proportion, only 2.7% and 1.2%, respectively, according to the market data compiled by China commerce and industry research institute.The market share of HDI board and flexible board was 16.5% and 17.1% respectively.With the continuous improvement of technology in China's PCB industry, the product structure is being gradually optimized. The sales ratio of traditional products with single/double panel and multi-layer board is gradually decreasing, while the proportion of products with high technical content and high added value such as HDI board, packaging base board and flexible board is constantly increasing.

Emerging applications bring unlimited business opportunities to PCB

On February 4, 2017, the national development and reform commission released the "catalog for the guidance of strategic emerging industries focus on products and services (2016 edition), including the foundation for a new generation of information industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, new material industry, biological industry, new energy industry, energy conservation and environmental protection industry, the digital creative industry, new energy automobile industry, the five major areas of eight industry, involving nearly 4000 niche products and services.Subdivided products and services have increased by nearly 900 items compared with the version three years ago, with the ai, digital creative industries entering the list of guidance catalogs for the first time.The catalogue of new energy vehicles has been expanded from "pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles" to "new energy vehicle products", "charging, switching and hydrogenation facilities" and "production test equipment".

Now, the automobile is becoming intelligent development, the automobile industry is expected to relay smart phones to become the new intelligent terminal.As the market share of electric vehicles keeps expanding, intelligent + new energy makes the use of electronic components in cars increase significantly. Automobile electronics will be an important market of PCB.However, the automobile industry has high requirements on product safety and reliability. Therefore, the PCB industry should make technical and production reserves before the overall blowout of intelligent vehicles and new energy vehicles.

The overall operation of China's electronic information manufacturing industry continued its steady and positive development since the second half of last year in the first quarter of this year, according to a statistical report released in May by the bureau of operation monitoring and coordination of the ministry of industry and information technology.Among them, communication equipment industry production maintained double - digit high - speed growth.Smartphone production alone reached 358.66 million units in the first quarter, up 11.4 percent.Growth in computer production continued to pick up, with 39.03 million laptops, up 10 percent.These areas are typically big demand for PCB.According to the performance of the current consumer electronics market, smart phones, wearable devices, portable medical devices, health equipment, etc., have large market capacity, fast product upgrading, and the products are getting lighter, thinner and smaller.The PCB industry is well equipped with the technology and resources to meet these needs.

Artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing are strategic emerging industries that are mainly supported by the state. From the technical and technological requirements of products, they belong to the category of high-end manufacturing industry and have extremely high requirements on PCB manufacturing equipment and talent team, which also provide a good opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of the PCB industry.