China, An Artificial Intelligence Company, Has The World's Second Largest Number Of AI Patent Applications, Surpassing The United States

- Nov 03, 2018-

At present, artificial intelligence industry wave is breaking out globally, and neural network has entered the era of rapid development and popularization.Governments of all countries are actively issuing corresponding policies to lay out the overall development of global artificial intelligence.China attaches great importance to the overall plan for the development of ai, and the ministry of industry and information technology has put forward a three-year plan for the development of ai industry, actively promoting the overall development of ai industrial chain.From sound industrial infrastructure and product use to the intelligent development of artificial chip and voice industry, China is vigorously promoting innovation and popularization and industrialization.

According to liu, China now has 1,040 AI companies, the second largest in the world after the us with 2,039.Since 2015, the number of patent applications has risen rapidly, the industrial heat has increased significantly, the industrial investment has been active, and the scale of relevant industries has been developed rapidly.

The globalization trend of artificial intelligence is obvious, and the development of artificial intelligence in China is getting better day by day, among which Beijing leads the country in development level, and Shanghai, guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang are also developing rapidly.The newly released artificial intelligence industrial map comprehensively sorts out the overall structure, relevant application products, software algorithms, application facilities, etc.

Liu said that artificial intelligence is a common technology of human beings and requires the cooperation of globalization.China has a very large market, both basic research and enterprise applications, through the industry map you can see the different applications in the field of industry vertical, she expected health care, manufacturing, agriculture, finance and other areas, will have great application in the future, especially in areas such as speech recognition and machine vision and application development have good prospects in our country.

In today when machine learning dominates the development of AI, what kind of mentality should be used to face the possibility of artificial intelligence surpassing human beings?President liu duo believes that many people have similar concerns in any technology development process.No matter how it develops in the future, artificial intelligence is ultimately designed and developed by humans.On the one hand, artificial intelligence enables the production of the energy industry, and it is also human to develop artificial intelligence, so as to change the existing production and life style.In this regard, possible problems, such as ethics, laws and regulations, need to be studied and formulated as soon as possible.Make artificial intelligence available to humans to improve production and life while avoiding possible harm or ethical controversy.