CCIAPCB Nominated Feng Guodong, Founder Of Four Technologies, As The Executive Deputy Director

- Oct 20, 2018-

With the in-depth study of the social from all walks of life to block chain technology, block the development of chain technology is increasingly mature, block chain can assign the importance of the real economy to realize industry upgrading soon taken seriously by more and more enterprises, experts and scholars, block chain reform change (chain) also open a plan of action, this is not only the reform of block chain technology, and a shape of block chain thinking, cities, enterprises and individuals as a node, have joined the chain to change plans.Chain transformation is the largest common divisor in the industry and will become the largest blockchain consensus.

The meeting approved the nomination decision:Nominated in the last Yu Jianing (personal), Meng Yan (individual), macro flow (Wu Yuanwen), in the food chain (Fan Jingang), wang (flag business school), vice director of the committee, based on the nomination committee, deputy director of the unit again four technology guo-dong feng, founder of the individual, deputy director of the standing committee, the nomination of the block chain technology (shenzhen) co., LTD., sichuan chain block chain technology co., LTD., Shanghai chain hundred information technology co., LTD., deputy director of committee member units, the nomination of HuiGuo surplus (shenzhen) technology development co., LTD., Hu Jianlei (hives) as the standing committee,Nominated Beijing zhenqiao information co., LTD and Beijing shengpu technology co., LTD as the official members;Agreed that hou shengxu, henan pentangle star, xingde as the preparatory committee;The secretary-general's team unanimously agreed to submit the above list to the fifth chairman (expansion) meeting of the first session held on September 5, 2018 for approval.