Based On Technology, The Design Of The Lighting

- Jan 27, 2018-

Substrate packaging technology.

Feed to pin 3, the output of the circuit features in two threshold value interval, the interval between two threshold point to switch from the unloading function. Not frequent switching working condition, improve the stability of the comparator, and thus has a certain anti-interference ability. 12 v for power supply voltage of the comparator, RMl pull resistance on the output side, R23. R25 for partial pressure resistance, pin 2 for reference voltage.

Through long-term test and engineering application, the unloading anticipation of hysteresis comparison circuit system can improve the protection of the internal switch controller components, high unloading performance stability, meet the needs of practical engineering application.

In scenery complementary lighting system by solar panels. Wind turbines in the battery charging process will produce large amounts of energy conversion, part of energy through heat energy consume, it brings great risks to the stability of the system circuit, especially on a hot summer day, the outdoor temperature reached 40 degrees, when unloading controller, electric energy conversion or fan will produce a lot of heat, if not timely for heat dissipation, the controller internal electronic components will change with temperature rise and features, cause controller burned.

Through the controller circuit design specifications, the independent innovation design into aluminum plate encapsulated circuit board. Its unique metal aluminum, good thermal conductivity. Electrical insulation performance and machining performance. Quickly send out large wind speed controller when the power is too large loss of heat, can withstand high current and high temperature cycle impact, make the scenery complementary controller with high reliability. Low cost. Low power consumption, etc.

Based on the new type of baseboard encapsulation technology, the design of the lighting controller is designed.

Based on the new type of baseboard encapsulation technology, the design of the lighting controller is designed.

As shown in figure 5, external controller is mainly composed of the shell (1) aluminum plate 2 and radiator, aluminum plate is located in the bottom of the shell 1 2, 3 and aluminum radiator plate 2 fit closely together. Aluminum plate and radiator 3 phase interface 2 coated with thermal conductive silicone, can withstand high current and high temperature, the controller power circuit directly welding on the aluminum plate, aluminum plate is connected with the radiator, good for heat dissipation.

Through the long-term test and engineering application, the solar complementary controller with aluminum substrate is 10 times more than the general controller in the heat dissipation performance, which can quickly dissipate heat and protect the controller.


New substrate encapsulation scenery complementary LED lighting controller through new substrate encapsulation technology and intelligent unloading module access function, solved the wind generator tachycardia caused the damage. This scheme on the one hand, solves the wind generator brake brake tachycardia. Fast heat dissipation, on the other hand also to improve the wind power, solar power supply reliability and power quality.

At the same time, the control system can realize the control of tidal current, thus achieving a certain degree of peak filling, which both alleviates the power supply contradiction and improves the power structure of the power grid.