Automotive Electronics Demand Greatly Increased PCB Upstream Raw Material Supply Has Attracted Attention

- Oct 20, 2018-

The rise in demand for electric vehicles and automotive electronics has also brought the PCB upstream raw material supply and demand in the third quarter into focus, even after the recent rally in the stock prices of fuqiao, jianrong and dehong. 

PCB upstream raw materials including glass fiber cloth, copper foil and copper foil substrates, for the electronic grade glass fiber yarn and glass fiber cloth market, mainly comes from the mainland factory shout up, lu factory shout price rises and as high as 3, but the industry pointed out that the mainland BoQianChang shout up quotation is one thing, but by lu B glass fiber products factory supply is not really a market demand, the impact on the market is not big. 

At present, the hottest glass fiber products in the market are G75 electronic glass fiber yarn and glass fiber cloth. The manufacturer stressed that it is mainly to enter the peak season of market demand. At present, the market supply and demand is smooth. 

Another important raw material of copper foil in PCB factory of copper foil copper foil gold in the last year because of a large number of mainland factory will turn electric vehicle battery capacity demand of copper foil and copper foil from PCB price and processing fee to raise benefit, the abundance of the 3rd quarter PCB factory needs stronger, to gold in the automotive anti-collision radar itself development including type, such as soft plate with niche products and diversified customers, make the current operating, also due to the busy season turned hot gold for vigorously to raise funds to improve physical fitness market place also respond to the market turned hot. 

Currently, jinju has increased its capacity by about 10% through production debottlenecks.