Automobile Lamp Revolution LED Ceramic PCB Is In Vogue

- Nov 03, 2018-

The popularity of cars has become increasingly high, and people's requirements for cars are not only limited to four wheels that can run. Nowadays, cars pay more and more attention to the selling points of soft demand, including interior decoration, central control, appearance, etc., the demand for power has become a relatively marginal demand.Inside the soft demand, the first is the appearance, the first requirement is that most people buy a car look pleasing to the eye, from your collar, wei, and so on as representative's new domestic selling, it is not hard to see the appearance of the fashion frontier science and technology can make people ignore many hardware requirements, of course, this is not to say that the domestic car is equipped with is not good, its core and car group of young people now.In terms of automobile appearance, a large part of the influence on "appearance level" comes from the headlights.

The development of headlamps is progressing rapidly without our knowing it. From the original halogen lamp to xenon lamp to the current mainstream LED lamp, actually it only takes less than 10 years, not to mention the laser headlamp that has been started to be used.LED headlights are slowly becoming a hard and fast indicator of whether a car is good or bad.

Nowadays, it is said that LED is an important trend in the future development of car lighting. I am afraid that no one will raise the issue again. As more and more luxury cars choose to use LED as the headlight source, LED car lighting has a sense of inevitability.For LED manufacturers suffering from fierce competition and low profits, the shift to niche applications is a logical (and forced) option.In recent years, intelligent lighting, agricultural lighting, optical communication and smart city have become the application areas that LED manufacturers are rushing to enter. However, automobile LED is one of the few areas that can be maintained temporarily with both quantity and price.It's not hard to find that LED headlights, both headlights and taillights, are more expensive than xenon lamps, and that's because they require a ceramic PCB as the core.

Although LED headlights can be 2 or 3 times more energy than xenon lamp lights, their light conversion efficiency is not very high. As we all know, to make light, it is necessary to convert electric energy into light energy. Similarly, LED to make light, it can roughly 30% of electric energy into light energy and be released.That's right, 70 percent of it is converted into heat and distributed.That's why the heat dissipation of LED lights has been a big problem.To dissipate heat through the LED, it is necessary to export the heat from the LED bead first. The one closest to the LED bead is undoubtedly the thermal conductive substrate, while at present, the best thermal conductive substrate in the world is ceramic PCB.

Ceramic PCB has the advantages that other PCB do not have, have quite high thermal conductivity, still can fight corrode, bear high temperature at the same time, use on car headlamp, suit nevertheless.But the current domestic production of ceramic PCB vendor is not much, just like OLED, but different is that in countries such as Japan and South Korea beautiful ceramic PCB already very rich, at an early age about ceramic PCB technology of our country has carried on the technology blockade, lead to the ceramic PCB industry in our country, has just started, at the same time led to the our country still needs a large number of imports, the use of ceramic PCB prices go up.

So you ask again, we do not have their own made ceramic PCB?For example, the slyton ceramic PCB currently leading the whole domestic ceramic PCB industry, as an early military industry to civil technology, invested a lot of capital in research and development, and finally brought the dawn to China's ceramic PCB industry.

Currently, meriton ceramic PCB have been able to achieve with the international level, but because it is China's own production of ceramic PCB, so in terms of price, we have a big advantage, may in the near few years, to our country's automotive LED lights do it the lowest price, let our country's automobile industry to a higher level.