Automatic Drive + New Energy Vehicle Dual Wheel Drive, Auto PCB Has Broad Prospects

- Jul 07, 2018-

Market size of about $50 billion of global PCB, AT&S relevant data shows that from 2017 to 2021, about 2.2% CAGR of global PCB industry, including car plate size of the market is expected to rise from $2017 in 5.2 billion to $6.1 billion in 2021, the compound growth of 4%, become the fastest growing application areas.

Car ECU (electronic control 臵) use high density interconnect board, HDI board, demand and new technology to drive the growth of high value-added products profes sional/HDI board.

Application of PCB in automotive electronics

Automotive electronics can be divided into two categories: body car electronic control and on-board automotive electronics.

Loading of car body car electronic control mainly includes the dynamic control system, security control system and electronic system, car body control system of vehicle dynamics in the PCB demand is bigger, for new energy vehicles are more obvious;

Followed by the body electronic systems, including automotive lighting, airbags (SRS), automatic TMPS, electronic instrumentation, air conditioning, electric seats, power Windows, central door lock, etc., including LED lighting for PCB products (metal substrate) demand is higher;

The third is the security control system, mainly including ADAS.

Expected to bike PCB dosage is about $70, if new car sales in 100 million, all the year round the whole Auto PCB market size is about $7 billion, in the future along with the popularization of new energy vehicles gradually and gradually improve the permeability of ADAS, bicycle PCB value will significantly increase, industry continues to improve.

Auto PCB has the following features:

1) according to the research on the relevant industrial chain, Auto PCB is still labor-intensive products, with the labor cost accounting for about 20% of the total cost;

2) automobile industry is very strict with quality control, with a long cycle certification, barriers to entry is very high, frequent replacement of manufacturer's cost is too big, leading enterprises have first-mover advantage: car makers to the requirement of the reliability of PCB, and environmental adaptability is very strict, once in the automotive supply chain suppliers can achieve long-term and stable orders, from a certain extent, also has provided the safeguard for the profitability of the company;

3) the survey data of the industrial chain shows that at present, the proportion of automotive electronics is over 10%, and the value of PCB of single vehicle is significantly increased.


PCB enterprise from consumer electronics, to automotive electronics gorgeous upgrade

After the financial crisis in 2008, the global automobile industry changed dramatically. The global automobile industry is accelerating its transfer to China, which has ranked the first in the world in car production and sales for eight consecutive years.

Similar to the logic of consumer electronics, the technology diffusion brought by localization of production and research and development plus the continuous rise of independent brands will drive the strong rise of local supply chain.

Local advantage PCB manufacturers on the one hand, in the global PCB capacity continues to move towards east high-speed expansion, the financing expansion has advantages of convenience in succession, do large scale rapidly, on the other hand, through the accumulation of consumer electronics golden decade, in technology and process, the customer, the respect such as lean production ready, gradually perfected.

Mainland grew up in the consumer electronics manufacturers, with the advantage of fast iterative innovation drive and cycle cut into the automobile industry chain dimension reduction, over the past few years in the automotive electronics market development smoothly, successively import haman, Bosch, Delphi, a gleam of Tier 1 manufacturers such as started in entertainment, navigation, control and lower the threshold of car plate products, in the strength of the corner overtaking.