Asia's Largest Copper Clad Ceramic Substrate Production Line Was Put Into Production In Dongtai

- Aug 17, 2018-

On July 19, the first phase of jiangsu fule semiconductor project was put into operation.

Copper clad ceramic substrate is widely used in new energy vehicles, high-speed rail, subway, large aircraft, automobile charging piles and other high-power equipment.Today, we produce 30 per cent of the domestic market, still almost 70 per cent dependent on imports, and domestic demand is growing at 20-30 per cent a year.According to he xianhan, President of fulede China, fulede group has authorized Shanghai shenhe thermal magnetic electronics co., ltd. to be responsible for the implementation of the project. Currently, shenhe has the highest output of modules in China.

In recent years, dongtai seize opportunity for a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, the prospective development of emerging industry "discourse", unremitting foster electronic information industry, precision to develop semiconductor, the new "blue ocean", in the semiconductor components, semiconductor, integrated circuit boards, such as niche, quickly gathered a batch of leading enterprises, speeding up to build a semiconductor industry of regional influence.

Fulede group has registered two companies in dongtai chengdong new area: jiangsu fulede semiconductor technology co., LTD and jiangsu fulede quartz technology co., LTD., with registered capital of 15.5 million us dollars and 100 million RMB yuan, and invested two projects:Annual production of 12 million pieces of copper clad ceramic substrate semiconductor power module project and annual output of 300000 pieces of high purity quartz new semiconductor materials project, the project total investment 1.15 billion yuan, the new precision imported from Japan, the United States, Germany oxidation furnace, sintering furnace, laser cutting machine, ultrasound scanner, high accuracy ingot laser cutting machine, Japan MAZAK machining center, large Shi Yingxuan plate machine and other processing, testing equipment more than 600 sets.

According to he xianhan, the world's largest production, is a German company, production capacity of 1 million pieces per month.Now, jiangsu fule can reach the internationally advanced level of DCB substrate output of 350,000 pieces/month, ranking first in Asia.Within three years, the monthly output of yancheng will reach 1 million.After the completion of jiangsu fulede quartz technology co., LTD., it can form 300,000 pieces of high-purity precision quartz new material products, and the company can achieve the world's first high-purity precision quartz products and the world's second goal of copper clad ceramic substrate.