April 2018 PCB Industry Survey Statistical Report In North America

- Aug 28, 2018-

May 29, 2018 bannockburn, ill. - IPC - international association of electronic industry connectivity?The PCB industry survey report for April 2018 in North America is released today.The report showed north American PCB orders and shipments grew at a slow annual rate in April.The order shipment ratio fell but was still strong at 1.08. 

Total PCB shipments in North America in April 2018, up 8.8% compared with the same period last year;Year-to-date shipments are up 9.6 percent from a year earlier.Shipments in April were down 14.0 percent from last month. 

PCB orders in April 2018, up 2.9 percent from the same month last year;Orders so far this year were 12.8% higher than last year.Orders fell 16.2 percent in April compared with the previous month.

Ms Sharon Starr, director of market research at IPC, said: "after three consecutive quarters of recovery, PCB industry sales and orders in North America slowed in April, showing normal growth in the industry.Growth typically slows in the first month of the next quarter after peaking in the last month of each quarter, as it did in April.The outlook for this year is still good, based on strong orders growth last year and an order shipment ratio above the average of 1.0 for 15 consecutive months.

The order shipment ratio is the ratio obtained by dividing the order quantity of the sample companies involved in the IPC research project by the sales volume of the same period in the past three months.The ratio is above 1.00, indicating that current demand exceeds supply, indicating that sales will grow in the next three to 12 months.If the ratio is less than 1.00, the current supply is greater than the demand.