Apple Supply Chain Reshuffle PCB Factory Status Has Changed

- Dec 01, 2018-

The PCB industry began to enter the peak season in July, and the revenue momentum of relevant manufacturers in apple's supply chain heated up. However, manufacturers have not yet shipped a large number of PCB products for the new iPhone, and there will be a significant reshuffle of supply to apple this year, among which the production trend and status of yaohua and jialanyi have changed the most.
Yaohua no longer produces the hard and soft board used in the battery of apple's new iPhone this year. On the contrary, jialian yi invested billions of yuan in a new production line in taoyuan to produce LCP soft board antenna made of liquid crystal material. The new plant in taoyuan, including LCP soft board antenna and traditional soft board, is mainly for supply to apple.
This year, yaohua turned to specialize in apple's wireless bluetooth AirPods. Yaohua's move represents that he is optimistic about the business opportunity of this product and will share food orders with huatong.In addition to capacity allocation, yaohua is optimistic about the high growth potential of AirPods market. Besides, AirPods have been revised this year, and orders are expected to have a good profit margin.
Yaohua stressed that this year, apple will not use the hard and soft hardboard for iPhone power supply. However, the hard and soft board for batteries of apple's pens, tablets and other products will continue to maintain its position as a supplier.As for the original production of apple iPhone power supply for hard and soft junction board, the market believes that the order is not to Japan, Korea PCB factory, but to xinxing, but the news has not been xinxing confirmed.
As to jia yi, big money developing iphone with LCP base material soft board antenna, formal large village field produced by the product of this year, foreign capital circle like murata production orders will be 70% of the apple by LCP soft board antenna, jia lian yi achieved 30%, for jia lian yi, cell phone will be to 5 g high frequency, high speed transmission, NFC, wi-fi, GPS and other communication module of LCP soft plate antenna needs more eagerly, and jia lian yi enlargement of our another consideration, may to get more LCP soft plate antenna order increase market share.
Jialianyi invested in the new taoyuan factory, which was supported by apple in capital and equipment, reduced the cost burden of jialianyi and further enhanced production competitiveness, which will be a positive help to jialianyi.