Apple's New Machine Cuts Orders Foxconn Leaves Thousands Of Workers A Day

- Nov 14, 2018-

Apple's sales of new phones this year, though far from lackluster, have not been quite as strong as in previous years. Among them, the iPhone XR and XS were reported to have lost orders after their launch due to the expensive pricing.
Apple is understood to have cut iPhone XS and MAX orders by 10 per cent at foxconn, while also cutting Phone XR orders by 10 per cent.
According to domestic media reports on apple's supply chain and channels, foxconn front-line workers have revealed that the production arrangement at the mission hills industrial park in shenzhen has decreased by 10%, and the end of this year's production peak is one and a half months ahead of the deadline of mid-december when the iPhone X was produced last year.
"Last year, between 130,000 and 140,000 people were working at the same time, waiting in line for more than 20 minutes to eat, and this year it was about 70,000 or 80,000.At the same time, there was a lot of turnover last year, but this year, thousands of people are walking every day, and they're not hiring.Line workers wu hu (pseudonym) said.
In addition to production, this year also saw a decline in the first sales of iPhone in the channel. According to the employee of the channel company, "in previous years, there were 78,000 iphones in China, but this year there were no more than 5,000".