Apple's Break With Qualcomm Will Miss The Best Launch Date For 5G Iphones

- Nov 09, 2018-

Apple officially broke with qualcomm, and apple has now begun switching to Intel chips.Apple will launch 5G iPhone as soon as 2020, which will use an Intel 8161 modem chip
Apple officially broke with qualcomm, and apple has now begun switching to Intel chips.Apple will launch 5G iphones as soon as 2020, which will feature Intel 8161 modem chips.
It is understood that apple has used the a-series processor since the beginning of the iPhone 4, but has never had its own baseband chip.Although baseband chips can be developed, apple does not have experience in radio frequency development, and the related patents of the corresponding radio frequency chipset are monopolized by communications companies and chip manufacturers.Apple has been using a plug-in base band, which leads to erratic iPhone signals.
Qualcomm previously was the exclusive chip supplier for apple's iPhone, but in recent years apple has been at odds with qualcomm over patent issues, which has led apple to abandon qualcomm chips in favor of Intel chips.The baseband chip used in the 2018 iPhone comes from Intel, but based on user feedback on the iPhone XS series phones, there are signal issues with the iPhone XS series phones.Intel's specialty is the PC semiconductor business, not its strength in mobile chips and communications basebands.Therefore, some people in the industry think that the signal difference of iPhone XS series is mainly the problem of Intel baseband, and apple is the first time to use Intel baseband, which may be the main reason for apple's signal instability.
5G will provide speeds between 10 and 100 times faster than 4G networks, reaching levels of gigabit per second, while being more effective at reducing latency.Qualcomm's 5G chips are expected to be officially commercially available in 2019, and the first 5G android phones using qualcomm chips will also be released in the same year.
And Intel's 10 nanometer chip is expected to be mass produced in the second half of 2019, leading to apple's 5G iPhone being released only in 2020 at the earliest.Intel's 8161 chip is based on a 10-nanometer process that increases transistor density, speed and efficiency.Intel is currently testing a previous 8060 modem chip with an 8161 modem chip, which will be used in a 5G iPhone prototype.
The break with qualcomm will not only allow apple's new phones to reproduce the signal gate accident, but also cause apple to miss the best launch time for 5G iPhone. Is this a trade-off for apple?Perhaps only judging by the performance of apple's 5G iPhone after its release in 2020.