AOTO LED Display Showcase The Most Prestigious Brands At Singapore Changi Airport

- Aug 04, 2018-

Singapore’s Changi Airport regularly tops the list of the world’s best airports, featuring a wide range of facilities to inform and delight passengers and soon, with the imminent launch of the new T4 terminal,   facial recognition and robotic “housekeepers”, a full suite of self-service options from check-in, immigration to boarding, plus several state-of-the-art AOTO LED display system that will captivate passengers with high-definition digital content 24 hours a day.



AOTO LED display in terminal 3- the platform to major southeast asian countries

Airport's busiest terminal with 39% of the total airport traffic, Terminal 2 caters flights from Asia-Pacific, India and Middle East regions. With multiple media sites designed to awe and encourage brand recall, it provides the ideal hub for brands to penetrate the Asian market.


Serving 31 % of the total airport traffic, Terminal 3 is the hub for long haul travelers from North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. The terminal's innovative architecture reflects grandeur. Its luxury shopping duplexes give passengers a world class shopping experience. It is also the home of national flag-carrier, Singapore Airlines.


AOTO MXC Led display feature:

  • ● Stable cabinet design and intelligent control system; ensure high stability and reliability during airport daily running.

  • ● Fire resistant level meets need of airport’ security standard.

<span font-size:16px;"="" style="font-family: Arial;">Handed with our partner, AOTO enhance our high end brand through Changzi airport project, which greatly proven AOTO strength in transportation field. AOTO will consistently provide high end digital signage and service for domestic and international brands.