Answer Questions And Answers About The Recent Status Of PCB Materials

- Nov 17, 2018-

1: why can the price of copper foil rise in the slack season of January and February?

Changchun Taiwan copper foil factory has carried out annual repair since march, which is expected to affect the output from April to may. Meanwhile, changchun downstream copper clad customers are looking for other production capacity in the market in January and February, making the supply relatively tight.Thus, the first quarter of the copper foil season.

2: why the price of copper foil has not risen recently?

1) the current procurement bottleneck of copper-clad manufacturers is that glass fiber cloth cannot be bought.

Even with copper foil, production is impossible.

2) copper foil = copper price + processing fee. In the early stage, the processing fee first rose. The copper price rose rapidly at the end of last year.3) in January and February, the standard copper foil processing fee rose faster than that of lithium electric copper foil. The level of both is close. The first quarter of lithium electric copper foil was originally the slow season of electric vehicle sales.Above three factors affect the recent overall price increase of copper foil may not rise too much.

3: why is fiberglass cloth more deficient than copper foil?

1) the mismatch of electronic and industrial grade of glass fiber cloth and the increase of market concentration drive the price increase.The past few years have seen dismal business for fiberglass companies, with prices falling to 20-30 per cent of their all-time highs and small factories pulling out.

2) the opening of cold repair will affect the subsequent supply.Glass manufacturer stock is close to bottom position, even whole production whole sale.2/15 glass fiber taps South Asia announced the start of cold repair of a 30, 000-ton annual yarn kiln, which lasted for three months.3) it is difficult to expand production in the short term with an expansion period of one to two years, which mainly takes one and a half years for kiln construction. Once it is in operation, it cannot be stopped for three to five years.And manufacturers are more cautious about expanding production.Together with the effects of cold repair, looking forward to the year, in addition to wang tao will be expanded by 30 percent, the total production of glass fiber cloth can not be significantly increased.

4: why the expansion period of copper foil is longer and longer?

The expansion period of copper foil was extended from the first year to a year and a half, and further extended to 18 to 24 months.The reason is that the Japanese manufacturers who master the key equipment to expand the production of cathode roll, will not increase the demand for copper foil to expand the production of cathode roll.The companies that decided to expand at the end of 2015 will be more likely to open new production capacity this year. (it is possible for Chinese investment to open nord and super China, and Taiwan investment to see changchun).As a result, new capacity will not be released as quickly as expected.

5: will the price of the industrial chain continue to rise this year?

1) the market supply of the upstream material fiberglass cloth is in short supply, which will last for at least one year.

2) copper foil supply and demand is directly related to new energy vehicle sales, currently based on 700,000 units in 2017

Sales forecasts will be further boosted if sales exceed expectations or if policy support is stronger

The chain continues to move up.We are optimistic that price increases will continue this year.