Another Circuit Board Plant Was Bought With A 67%

- Nov 03, 2018-

In order to further expand the company's industrial layout, the company purchased 51 percent of haining mingyi electronic technology co., ltd. with cash of 36.72 million yuan and 67 percent of jingdezhen hongyi electronic technology co., ltd. with cash of 7537.5 million yuan, according to a statement issued by chenfeng technology on the evening of September 19.

According to the notice, on September 19, chenfeng signed the equity transfer agreements with mingyi electronics and hongyi electronics, respectively.Among them, Chen changhai, a shareholder of mingyi electronics, sold his 30.6% stake in mingyi electronics for RMB 22,032 million.Wu weiguo, a shareholder, sold his 20.4% stake in mingyi electronics for 146.88 million yuan.Pang jintian, a shareholder of hongyi electronics, sold his 65 per cent stake in the company to 73.125 million yuan.Mr. Wang sold his 2 percent stake in hongyi electronics for 2.25 million yuan.

It is understood that mingyi electronics was established in November 2016, mainly engaged in the research and development of lighting appliances, as well as the manufacturing and processing of lighting appliances and accessories, electronic products, electronic components and molds.In the first half of 2018, minyi electronics achieved operating income of 43.2045 million yuan and net profit of 5.2029 million yuan.Hongyi electronics is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sales of electronic special materials (copper clad laminates), molds, electronic components, printed circuit boards, lighting lamps, household appliances, etc.In the first half of this year, hongyi electronics achieved operating income of 487.198 million yuan and net profit of 3.1988 million yuan.

According to chenfeng technology, the acquisition of mingyi electronics and hongyi electronics stock is conducive to further expanding the industrial layout of the company and forming a good synergistic effect with the existing industrial development of the company by integrating products and resource advantages of all parties in the industrial chain.