Analyze The Competition Situation Of Five Major Suppliers Of PCB

- Nov 03, 2018-

From the perspective of cost, the upstream industries of PCB include copper clad plate industry, special materials (copper foil, phosphorous copper ball), PCB special ink, PCB special equipment and special chemicals.

TOP5 domestic copper clad sheet manufacturers

At present, domestic copper-clad (CCL) enterprises have increased their investment in research and development, enhanced their independent innovation ability, and increased the number of practical patents for invention, with the emergence of high frequency, high speed, high Tg, ultra-thin and metal-based products.China is not only a big country of CCL, but also a strong country of CCL, and its industrial concentration degree is continuously improved.

Domestic main copper-clad (CCL) companies are jiantao chemical, shengyi technology, jin 'an guoji, shandong jinbao electronics, South Asia new materials technology and hua zheng new materials.Among them, no. 1 jiantao chemical group is the world's largest copper panel manufacturer, whose copper clad products account for 34% of the revenue;Guangdong shengyi technology co., ltd. is a joint-stock listed company with sino-foreign joint venture. Its copper clad products account for 83.19% of its revenue.Goldenmax International Technology Ltd., no. 3, is a china-hong kong listed joint venture with copper clad sheet as its main product, accounting for 97.15%.

Note: the business revenue unit of kingtao group is hk $100 million, and the remaining four are all hk $100 million

TOP5 manufacturers of PCB special equipment in China

Domestic high-end equipment/instruments, especially intelligent, digital PCB equipment and instruments, are making great progress and rapid development in terms of level and quality.Domestic high-end equipment continues to replace imports, and is recognized and ordered by domestic and foreign famous PCB enterprises, such as laser drilling machine, laser cutting machine, numerical control drilling machine, automatic laser imaging system (LDI), vertical continuous electroplating automatic line (VCP), automatic intelligent on-off detection, etc.The representative companies of PCB special equipment/instrument in China include dazu digital control, zhengye technology, cosmos group, maxson electronics and a large number of digital control technologies.

Domestic PCB dedicated equipment: CNC, is ranked first, the family is by the shenzhen laser technology co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary, the development and production of series of HANS laser equipment for PCB, PCB nc drilling and milling machine and so on special equipment of printed circuit board industry, applicable to printed circuit board precision drilling and special-shaped milling groove, hole, side box.Revenue was up to 1.753 billion yuan in 2017, up 22.50% year-on-year.Zhengye technology ranked second, with revenue of 1.265 billion yuan in 2017, up to 110.83 percent year-on-year.On the whole, PCB equipment/instruments represent the company's better revenue, higher market entry barriers and less competition.